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  • Current Wolverine Pro Mod?


    I got on this forum last summer after looking into migrating the 8mm collection of the small-ish museum I work at. We acquired a used Wolverine Pro at a decent price but that finished off our budget. With the new year our 2024 budget is getting approved this week so I'm looking to get caught up on what the current/best mod is for the Pro.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Will,
    A Hawkeye mod runs around $450 US with the BUC02 camera. It is a low end mod that will give you 1280x1024 (before crop) resolution for S8 film. going with the UX226 camera and 16mm lens will give you up to 2500x2000 but it is $200-300 more.
    Personally I do not think it is worth that money.
    Then I also have a mod that uses the webcam running at 4FPS also 1280x1024 resolution but requires more postprocessing. it is lower cost. Around $280 with the cam included.
    Hope this helps,


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      I thought I had notifications on for this post but I guess I don't. Happy to see your response!

      The mid-range option seems like a good compromise between price and end product.

      Is this the current information? and Also, if you are still selling the kits, are you able to include the camera and everything? Looking at the linked post you don't include the camera, but thought I'd ask.



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        Looks like you would like to go with the kit with the 12mm lens and the BUC02 camera. That is around $450. I will double check the camera price. Yes I can put the kit together for you and will charge $20 for testing the camera.


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          Let me know what the total cost would be once you know and we can go from there. Thanks!


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            Stan, Does your Hawkeye modification do anything to approve the dynamic range of the picture? I mean in terms of increasing contrast range so you do not get burn outs on light areas of the picture .


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              The basic operation does not provide improved dynamic range. The mod is capable of HDR. In HDR mode the board provides 3 bracketed frames to the capture app. The lo, normal and hi exposure images then get stored in 3 directories.
              Then you use the enfuse to combine the images.
              My experience with it is that you really need an HDR capable monitor to be able to leverage from HDR experience.
              Viewing it compressed to 8 bit will give you a perception of HDR but the images look a bit washed out.


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                Hi, does the HDR mode support the BUC02 camera, or only the UX226? The Hawkeye documentation only seem to give suggestions of settings suited for the latter camera. At least with my BUC02, the settings values in hdr1.exe seems way of. Could anybody please guide me to some information about HDR with the BUC02 and Hawkeye information?


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                  Added the support for the BUC02 Hans,

                  Let me know if this works for you.
                  BTW-you will need the HDR version of MSP430 firmware. Can send you the 14 pin chip that plugs into the Hawkeye board.