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  • I tend to stream material through the Epson LCD HD projector but for the moment I'm having a rare break from netfix/ prime and watching physical media, so I can post here on this thread. Today it was Rouge One on Bluray.
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    • Martin I enjoyed "Rouge One" good movie

      Two nights ago, well it was back to the 1980s again with "Poltergeist" 1982 to be exact, great stuff especially with a 5:1 soundtrack, later I had a listen to the outstanding CD soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith..

      A couple of screen shots using the Epson VP.

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      • Just started on the Special Edition of Aliens after you mentioned it. I forgot I had to go to the "Extras" menu on the disk to play it. It is not very clear - most have extended editions in the main menu.


        • I love Poltergeist Graham Ritchie ! I have a Super 8 Scope copy of it that is just gorgeous to watch.


          • Lincoln

            Years ago I did read that the Kempski Super 8 scope feature release, that the sound was just mono, and not that great, what people would later do was to re-record the film into stereo, which I understand made a huge difference sound wise.
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            • Ooooops my mistake the film was indeed in stereo {mono compatible} the copies Derann sold. I am not sure if this was the case regarding Kempski themselves.

              The price list from Kempski was US$435 dollars on 7/400ft reels, ie 325 idea the year
              Derann back in 2004 was 345 pound.
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              • Here is a nice little film starring Peter Fonda. With most of the video library closing here, a lot of stuff has been getting sold of really cheap. This one for $2 dollars I bought a while ago. Last night watching it on the Epson, I was surprised how good the film was. The casting, story, all very good, in particular Peter Fonda grumpy interaction with his grandson, it was very well done. ​ .



                • Baraka


                  • Both Alien 3 (Alien cubed?) and Alien Resurrection "2003 special editions. The picture quality of Resurrection was a real disappointment crushed blacks and lacking in detail. Perhaps the extras on tow other discs may shine a light on this.


                    • STAN & OLLIE as it was Stans birthday this week


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ID:	36717 BARAKA's sequel "SAMSARA"

                        Sunday night June 20
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                        • The Towering Inferno.
                          I first saw this as a re-release around 1979 (ish) in the cinema as a kid. I remember sitting in the cinema (Gaumont screen 1, Bournemouth) watching this when suddenly the screen curtains closed without warning, the lights came on and the ice cream lady came out. I thought, had the film actually ended like this? My parents explained what happened, and this was the first time I had experienced an intermission!Click image for larger version

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                          • Wonderful pictures Chip

                            Inferno. Was acting at BBC TV back then and 3 hours off. Dad took me to see it at???? Can't remember cinema in London during a break from filming.

                            Nice to read about your show Martin fetched back a few memories


                            • Martin... They have done a nice job of the transfer to blu-ray

                              Two nights ago one of my favorite war movies on blu-ray, outstanding B/W transfer.
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                              • Watched a real 80’s horror oddity that was made by a couple directors that were fired 90% into the film, then replaced by a director who recut and shot half the movie. SPOOKIES! The video store darling of the 80s/90’s. A bizarre experience that confounds the senses!

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