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  • Originally posted by Brian Fretwell View Post
    So, for you last night it really was "It's showtime, folks".
    haha, yup!
    First thing I did this morning when I got cleaned up was walk to the mirror and say, “It’s Showtime, Folks.”


    • "Mortal Engines", a ripping, brilliant, largely panned and unseen science fiction/fantasy film from just a few years back.


      • Devil 2010. Supernatural thriller which punches well above its weight and viewer expectations. Well worth a watch.

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          I have enjoyed this "cult classic" satire for many years on DVD. Thanks to a post by Graham Ritchie (, I was able to find the film on Bluray from Imprint on Amazon.

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          The President's Analyst" fights back against the phone company and its accomplice, J. Edgar Hoover and his Electric G-Men. It is one of the funniest movies of the year, ranking with "The Graduate" and "Bedazzled" in the sharp edge of its satire...Writer and director Theodore Flicker's satire is modern and biting, and there are many fine, subtle touches in the film. All of the FBI agents are clean-cut, sharp-jawed, impeccably groomed men of exactly 4 feet, 11 inches tall. - Roger Ebert February 16, 1968
          Click image for larger version  Name:	The President's Analyst (1967) [1080p Lux and staff.png Views:	0 Size:	897.9 KB ID:	51540

          4’7” actor Walter Burke whose character name Lux (like Hoover, a popular brand of vacuum cleaner) as the head of the “FBR”

          The President's Analyst - Trailer

          More Movie clips:

          The President's Analyst - Liberals

          The President's Analyst - The Phone Company

          The President's Analyst (1/9) Movie CLIP - A Childhood Memory (1967) HD

          Clear Light - She's Ready to be Free FT "the Stranger" - The President's Analyst

          The President's Analyst Phone Booth

          I went home that night and watched The President’s Analyst. It was absolutely fantastic in the way it ridiculed virtually every important `60s institution—establishment and anti-establishment alike. But unlike most 1960s-era political satires and comedies, it was surprisingly fresh, relevant, and still laugh-out-loud funny in the present age. A man I had never heard of named Theodore J. Flicker was credited as the film’s writer and director. After repeated viewings I began to wonder: who is Theodore J. Flicker? How come nobody’s ever heard of him? How is it possible for someone to make a film this good and then vanish completely from sight? The lack of information available on the internet only fueled my interest, but I eventually learned that Mr. Flicker had been blacklisted from Hollywood. But why, how could that happen?
          Quote from:

          Ted Flicker, wrote and directed this wonderful comedy ... in 1967. It was a satire that included comic portrayals FBI agents and J. Edgar Hoover. Mr. Hoover got wind of the project and started to lobby Paramount executives to change the script. This effort turned into a three-way war between Hoover, the studio and Flicker. Because Flicker would not make changes, he was taken off the picture. But late one night he and his editor went to the studio and put Ted’s directors cut back together. That is the version that got released to the theaters. The film was doing well until Hoover saw it. He went ballistic. He sent agents to visit the studio executives and threatened them. He demanded that the movie be removed from the theaters. After realizing how Hoover could hurt them they agreed and the picture disappeared. Then Ted Flicker was black listed and never again made a major Hollywood film.
          Quote from:

          Murder of a Movie - How J. Edgar Hoover Killed "The President's Analyst"

          The President's Analyst has been previously released on Laserdisc and DVD. This Imprint release is the first time it has been available on Bluray. A review of the Bluray release can be found here (

          J Edgar Hoover may have killed this movie along with Ted Flicker's career in movies, but this Bluray release signals a new life for Flicker's work:

          The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has teamed with Paramount to produce and possibly star in a remake of Theodore J. Flicker’s 1967 political satire film, The President’s Analyst. Pat Cunnane, President Barack Obama’s Senior Writer and Deputy Director of Messaging at the White House, penned the screenplay.
          Plot details are being kept under wraps and the film is described as re-examining the satire through the lens of the contemporary political landscape. The original had James Coburn starring at Dr. Sidney Schaefer, a psychiatrist who is tasked to be the top-secret personal psychoanalyst to an overworked and stressed-out president.

          As Dr. Sidney Schaefer said, "Take that you hostile sons of bitches!"


          • What Blu-ray did I watch last night? I watched the Star Wars trilogy, I watched it sit on the shelf, while I also watched Star Wars, in scope, on the big screen!


            • Osi - You need to start a new thread! "What Blu Ray DIDN'T you watch Last Night ?" - Ha! Ha!


              • Ed

                Thanks for that most interesting write up of the film "The Presidents Analyst" I had never heard of it before, I checked out your link to the trailer, the film looks good .


                • Graham, the movie is available to stream for about $3 on the major streaming sites. Used DVD's can also be found.



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                    A NEW 4k scan delivers GREAT color and clarity with big booming mono worked over sound !

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                    n the Eighteenth Century, in Spain, a beggar comes to the castle of a cruel marquee on his wedding day to beg for food, and the marque locks him in his dungeon, where he is forgotten. The mute daughter of the jailer feeds him along the years. When she grows-up, the widower marquee unsuccessfully tries to shag her and locks the servant in the dungeons with the beggar that rapes her. When she is released, she kills the marquee and flees to the forest. She is found living like an animal in the woods by Don Alfredo and he brings her home. Soon his servant Teresa finds that she is pregnant. When she gives birth to a boy on Christmas, she dies and the boy Leon is raised by Don Alfredo and Teresa. A few years later they learn the curse that the boy carries with him, and the local priest advises that he must be raised with love. What will happen to Leon?
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                    Hammer was quick to plunder the Universal vaults in their search for new horror successes. Dracula, The Mummy and Frankenstein had all been done, and it seemed only natural to film a lycanthropic story, following on from the success of Universal's THE WOLF-MAN. Happily enough, their (strangely) sole werewolf offering is a huge success, offering a tragic love story and horrific elements in equal amount.

                    While the Spanish setting eliminates any Gothic visuals, CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF more than makes up for this in the intriguing werewolf story, which spans a whole twenty years, and a sense of gloom and doom as you just know that Leon is going to come unstuck. Also, the introduction of a young, handsome, charismatic actor in the form of Oliver Reed, meant that audiences could really sympathize with the character of Leon, after all lycanthropy is merely an illness, and can anyone be to blame for illnesses which afflict them? This is one of the films that paved the way for Reed's later stardom, he would go on to star in a range of other varied horror flicks like THE BROOD and THE DEVILS. All the classic folklore concerning werewolves is in this film, along with a good score and lavish costumes. The acting is all above par and there are small roles for Peter Sallis, Warren Mitchell, and Michael Ripper, who plays his tiny role of the town drunk with relish.

                    CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF also has some excellent special effects. Stop motion animation is used to show hair growing on Leon's palms, while Roy Ashton's werewolf makeup is fantastic and groundbreaking, much as the transformation in AN American WEREWOLF IN London was twenty years later. To top this all off, the finale is something of a throwback to classic films like Chaney's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and a satisfying conclusion to this epic romantic horror. CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF is yet another classic from Hammer's heyday, a tragic, inventive story which can be watched time and time again. This is a fairytale epic of a werewolf film.

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                    Absolutely one of my all-time favorite Hammer Films!!


                    • More GREAT screenshots for you....

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                      • Last night was Alexander Kordo Technicolor film "The Four Feathers" 1939, released onto blu-ray by Network. "The Four Feathers" is featured in high a definition transfer, made from the original film elements, in its as- exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

                        This classic British film is one of those movies that I have enjoyed watching from time to time over the years. The scale of the production is really something considering, of what the year of 1939 would mean in history.

                        The quality of the blu-ray is very good, but its not been restored, the sound of course is mono and with a running time of 115 minutes, all up I enjoyed watching it using the Epson VP. If I remember right we ran the re-make at the cinema a while back, but I felt it was not a patch on this original from 1939.


                        • Its been a we while since I last watched "Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes" and I must say watching it again in 3D is a lot of fun, Andy Serkis as "Caesar" has certainly made a career in many special effect films over the years.


                          • Dr Who "Shada" the series 17 unfinished story now completed with animation in place of the scenes not shot in 1970 due to a strike at the BBC (voiced by the original actors) with a new 5.1 sound mix - episodic version.


                            • As requested , MORE great screen shots......

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                              • After watching "The Power Of The Dog" this morning at the cinema, I felt like watching something a bit easier tonight. Picked out the Australian 2018 film which in itself a remake of the 1977 film of the same name.

                                The story is regarded as a Australian classic, and this film remake I think is very good indeed, so that's my movie going experience for today The photography I should add is stunning to watch, Geoffrey Rush and young Finn Little are excellent, overall its a very nice movie to finish off the day.

                                If you like films that you can show to "anyone" then "Storm Boy" would be a good choice .
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