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Florida Film Collector Covention - 2022

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  • Florida Film Collector Covention - 2022


    I am looking for volunteers to help make this happen. Anybody out there interested? If you would like to invest some time over the next few months to spread the word, raise interest, and get things done, you are welcome to join.

    Together, we will become a group that receives credit for creating one of Florida’s finest private collection gatherings and if successful it could be once a year.

    Global participation is welcomed.

    The bottom line is without the help I cannot get it done myself, and if I am the only one then it will not happen at all. This is my decision.

    With Pandemic numbers starting to go down in a good way, the plan is to start getting organized after the holiday season is over. Target date remains mid to late August for the scheduled event. This time of year can yield the lowest possible room rates.

    Come on guys and gals! Join me!

    Please email me for more information:

    Kind Regards

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    Just out of curiosity Chip, exactly what responsibilities would people have to join in? What is it peoole need to do and what will you be doing to organise it? Although global participation is welcome, how would that work?
    i am very curious.


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      A lot of emails spreading the word maybe putting in some money to pay for the rental of the conference room at the hotel also coming up with ideas on how to raise cash to do this perhaps by charging a registration fee of around $20 as people come through the door which would be good for the entire weekend as admission that cash would be raised to be used to pay bills I may be reimbursed those who donated to get it off to a start For example maybe we could form a committee of volunteers who will get this off the ground

      Thank you for your reply that's a plus to my encouragement to keep this going

      Footnote using my cell phone to reply to your message I have been using voice dictation so obviously some grammar might not be right so you have to figure that out for yourself LOL


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        Thats ok, but im just wondering, the convention that was going to go ahead in Florida in the Summer was going to be free to the public, how were those costs absorbed? I'm sure i saw an ad for it in a previous Classic images magazine!
        Not too sure why a registration fee would be needed, what would cash be raised for exactly aside maybe the hotel? I'm sure if one hotel is expensive there will be many others who would do it much cheaper. I'm only curious as it is quite easy to raise cash for this type of thing, but should it cancelled again, where does that money that would be raised go? who's bank account?
        Sorry Chip, i forgot to ask, what did you say your part was in the convention itself?


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          OK, is anyone else involved in Florida out there that could answer some of my points please?
          Perhaps Dave Baker? Are you out there by chance David?


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            What do you wish


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              Are you able to answer any of my questions on here regarding a possible Florida film convention?
              I see you had one planned but sadly had to cancel, i was wondering about the funding's etc as per my reply to Chips request.
              Thank you in advance,


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                Hello Tom I will get back to this shortly right now I am using my phone to respond but it's better if I use my computer to type a reply that is more involved or better explained please be patient

                David if you want to answer this go right ahead before I do


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                  Today I try and answer some questions regarding the Florida Film Collector’s Convention. It is important to remember these are only ideas, and anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed or cast in stone. It is a work in progress – totally under development.

                  David and I were looking at a room rental (conference room) fee of $700.00. We each would have paid up to but no more than $350.00 each. This is what I recall being told at the hotel meeting he and I attended.

                  Now, if we could form a committee of volunteers of 6 or more, and each of us split that cost – it would be far easier on each of our wallets.

                  The committee will now discuss and build what becomes the FFCC for 2022.

                  As our first meet up would have been free admission – I feel that a registration fee at the door for the entire weekend – is in need. Among other things, it raises cash for
                  • Expenses to refund the committee members for providing the startup costs
                  • Late night drinking in hotel rooms and accidental damage to furniture or hotel properties
                  • Expenses for snacks provided by the FFCC but not covered by the hotel program package for the entire event (what is or is not included, etc.)
                  • Leftover funds after all bills are paid can go in to a trust fund which accumulates for another event later on

                  The registration fee would be low. Perhaps $20.00 per person age 18 and up. Visitors pay this fee upon arriving. They receive a 3 day pass for all screenings and events. The fee will be paid regardless if they are there for a single afternoon or the complete weekend. Under age 18 with an adult would be free.

                  As I am getting older, this is far too much for me to do myself. Without the help it will not happen. I need good trusting people to come on board who will follow through and complete tasks if one is given. Besides being one of the committee members – I will be present on the floor in the hotel during the entire weekend, managing and doing whatever is needed to make it a success.

                  With age of technology, Facebook live, and zoom chats, or even Skype – meetings can be set globally for this to be done.

                  I trust this has answered some questions and perhaps raised a few more. Thank you all for your continued support these comments in this thread are most certainly encouraging.

                  CHIP GELMINI