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Britain's cold from hell

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    Surprised no............. i'm deleted ..............


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        Since the NHS introduced the flu jab way back ,both Margaret and I have never been troubled with cold flu etc. Maybe just lucky or the jabs actually work. However when we were laid up with these ailments we always used Beechams powders , they seemed to work for both of us . Get well u 2 as the 9.5 do is fast approaching.



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          Thanks John on track

          I don't intend to chart my own long term disability on a open forum but im extremely grateful for the loving care we both receive and the telephone calls from film friends who know us. The medical high risk group is one i would not wish on anyone else and i usually make light of it for both of us and just carry on. So for us Tom its not just a cold far from it although you may see it as just that.

          My enthusiasm for film usually covers things up pretty well as does being a film doer.

          Take care all and if your are vulnerable please take extra care out and about.

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            It sounds like another good reason for not giving up wearing a face mask, that should protect against cold viruses too.

            I've just had my Covid 19 booster jab this week Where they gave me a 4 page info sheet about the vaccine (including how to store it (at -90 to -60 degree c) dilution rates before injecting and that each shot contains30 micrograms of the mRNA also every other ingredient in the shot. I think a case of too much information for most.


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              Great news Brian get our booster shortly as well all quite exciting and enjoy the masked chat with fellow jabees for a few distanced minutes sharing stories.
              Take care buddy


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                "I don't intend to chart my own long term disability on a open forum"

                Agree with this, so its best kept off all together really.
                Anyone who talks about the NHS will get the truth about it form me, and thats from the experience of three people who work in it, long term.
                I hope you get better, the flu jab doesn't stop you getting a cold. Cold and flu viruses are two different things. If you get flu i guarantee you, you will not be out of bed for a week. Colds are colds, flu is flu, the flu jab wont stop you getting a cold, vulnerable people are at risk from both but so many people who get a cold go on to tell others they have flu. Often called a sympathy call.


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                  Boy, that's true, Tom! I and my family all had the flu shot for this year two weeks ago, and out of nowhere, I had a stomach bug that really doubled me over for six excruciating hours! It certainly wasn't something I ate. Terrible, but thankfully, passed very quickly.


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                    Ah how I miss the days when we used to talk about films, cars, planes and entertainment. General yak has turned into a doctors waiting room chat forum and this forum is the worse for it.


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                      Thats true, i didn't start it


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                        Phil as a newbie of 37 posts a can confirm this thread is for
                        General posts which do not have to be film. Skip the thread simples.

                        I started this one to hopefully comfort others who may go thru the same nothing else and hope they don't as well.

                        Look forward to reading many new threads from your good self about film and contributing in years to come.

                        Tom Have you any spare piston rings in the spares dept for a Vauxhall Nova. Ha


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                          Lee the number of posts someone creates is irrelevant as is how long they have been on the forum and the fact that you have thousands of posts compared to my 37 doesn’t make my point any less valid than yours. I find your tone deliberately condescending.

                          The simple fact is that this area of the forum has become a constant list of a couple of members droning on and on incessantly about their ailments, when I am sure other members prefer to keep these matters private despite being quite poorly themselves. I personally come on here to read about anything other than the current ongoing situation in the world today and feel that should be the line that the forum adopts.


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                            Succinctly put Phil.........


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                              I think that a series of posts like this wonderfully demonstrates just how much of a "family" feel that this forum has. over other forums that are film related. This isn't just a film forum, it's a loosely knit family, that actually give a darn about each other, and that does make it stand out from others, so generally "yak" on!


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                                To end my own posts ill leave you this with the kindest of good wishes.

                                The BBC had broadcast details of this new Super Cold since my first post here in.our green and pleasant land.
                                Some of our population poked fun at the Covid saying it didn't exist and was a hoax nearly 2 years ago. Was it really?

                                Yes Osi. We long time posters for many years now do believe we are a film family on here and if I can warn anyone of possible health risks I will do the same again and again and REELY again.

                                Off now to project the new 600ft Godzilla destroyer of all Virus's