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Ten Year Anniversary

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    Wow Graham! That whole procedure looks about as difficult and delicate as open-heart surgery!! 😯

    But a young person, like Chris with his steady young hands, seemed to effect such a change with total aplomb! 🙂

    Another great video - many thanks 👍


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      Thanks Ali

      I sent this one to his mum Facebook yesterday as a " A blast from the past"

      When I look back I should have made more of a attempt to capture onto film or video the work carried out by folk at some of those places. The old Balaclava Garage in Dunoon, would have been certainly one, as some of the brake down jobs we did were very interesting. I still have the image in my mind, of my old boss lighting up his pipe while standing next to tanker leaking some diesel around him until I pointed out to what he was "standing" on a little Standard 8mm would have been great to take along back then


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        Haha Graham - well at least if your old boss had 'ignited' himself via his pipe, at least for any footage you might have taken - you wouldn't have needed any additional lighting! 😉