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    That is excellent, Ugo. I love the stack of Elmo boxes... and that the screen has round corners.


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      Very nice Ugo


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        Great setup Ugo👍 Love the fact you even have Air Con.

        Must get around to posting my setup which is primarily 35mm as no real room to chop another hole in a wall and create another porthole for S8 or 16mm.


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          Lovely set up Ugo. Bet you are glad to have more time for your Hobby now.


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            Ugo, a walk in projection room...what a dream set-up!


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              Hi Ugo,
              I love your floating screen. It reminds me of a cinema that I saw many films in as a child. Believe or not this screen had variable moving side masking, that wraps itself around the back of the screen and could close down to 1:85. It is sadly now a site of a car park.

              Click image for larger version

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                Elephant and Castle Odeon I often went there. Designed by Erno Goldfinger. Sadly I watched its progressive demolition from the train on my way to work each day. The car park has now had a block of flats built on it.


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                  I am so impressed with your home cinemas and I remember attempting something similar on a miniscule scale as a youngster with my Pathe Ace and a model auditorium.
                  However, if I'm being entirely honest I get a bigger kick setting up a projector in the living room.
                  I suppose its the combination of novelty and the projector whirring in an otherwise domestic setting that does it for me. It brings back the excitement of years past in the schoolroom or hall as a special treat.
                  I still remember on a holiday arranged by the school in an old army camp in Swanage, and the treat when a local bought in his gear and ran some cartoons in the main hut. I can recall the awful sound quality, but it was magic.