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Posted by Joseph Randall (Member # 4906) on January 14, 2017, 09:05 PM:
THE BOHEMIAN GIRL with Laurel and Hardy
Super 8 B&W magnetic sound
4x400' reels, 70 minutes

The last and weakest of their operetta spoofs, this nevertheless has the boys in good form throughout. The film is worth it just for the pickpocket scene through the scene at the tavern where the boys divide up their spoils.

The print is very-very good, but just short of being excellent. It is very sharp, and the faces are not washed-out. The first three 400' reels are printed just a tad dark, but this is corrected in the 4th reel. The sound is great.
Posted by Terry Sills (Member # 3309) on January 15, 2017, 02:14 AM:
Again I've got it on 16mm but I disagree that it was their weakest operetta. Definitely my wife's favourite and some great sketches, particularly when Stan is bottling home brew in the caravan. Mine too is an excellent print and good sound.
Posted by Bradford A Moore (Member # 426) on January 15, 2017, 07:43 AM:
I have to add, that this is one of my favorites too! My Blackhawk print is a bit dark in the first three reels too, and in the beginning of the fourth reel while Stan is filling the bottles, unfortunately is a bit washed out for the first few minutes. I think any of their films that they did with Mae Busch, was a good match!
Posted by Joseph Randall (Member # 4906) on January 16, 2017, 07:02 PM:
I forgot to point out that Blackhawk replaced all the main titles on this.


Is your 16mm a Blackhawk, Film Classics, or another? Does it have original titles?

Posted by Mike Newell (Member # 23) on January 17, 2017, 06:05 AM:
Some nice sketches but I prefer by L&H films without the operetta sequences.
Posted by Terry Sills (Member # 3309) on January 17, 2017, 08:47 AM:
Mine is a Blackhawk and it looks like the original credits have been replaced with just plain white print on a black background. Nevertheless a stunning print.
Posted by Joseph Randall (Member # 4906) on January 17, 2017, 09:10 AM:
Thanks Terry. Blackhawk 16mms of Laurel and Hardy are usually originals that look great.
Posted by Joseph Randall (Member # 4906) on February 11, 2017, 11:14 PM:
BTW, this has turned up several times on eBay since we started talking about it, albeit in 16mm.

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