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Posted by Terry Sills (Member # 3309) on March 31, 2015, 04:26 PM:
Am I alone in being annoyed by advertisers on EBay using this ridiculous ploy. What is the point when it is so easy to add pictures on EBay. Especially so when they state that pictures form part of the description! I can see no advantage, in fact it makes me simply ignore the listing.
Posted by Andrew Woodcock (Member # 3260) on March 31, 2015, 04:39 PM:
No you're right Terry, makes me lose interest too, almost as though no effort has gone into the foresight required to advertise the item correctly, I agree.

However, I suppose so long as the forthcoming photo's actually arrive, then all is forgiven if you play Devils Advocate. [Wink]
Posted by Clinton Hunt (Member # 2072) on April 01, 2015, 08:52 PM:
And what about the over-use of the word "RARE" , I see it alot and to me most are easy to I say to my mate "just because the word RARE is used doesn't make it worth huge amounts of $$$$$!
Posted by Terry Sills (Member # 3309) on April 02, 2015, 03:21 AM:
Absolutely right Clinton and also what I find annoying is the dreadful spelling and grammar. I know it's only an advert but I think some of these people would have a job writing their own name. I think I must be turning into a grumpy old man!!
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on April 02, 2015, 11:42 AM:
Is this seller a member of the Forum?
It's not the way to do business.
Posted by Terry Sills (Member # 3309) on April 02, 2015, 12:30 PM:
Exactly the type of thing I refer to Maurice. I do not understand the logic. He regularly advertises the same weird films over and over again and asks a ridiculous price for Jane on a train. I would happily sell my copy for a fraction of what he asks. I wonder if he is a member? Perhaps he could explain.
Posted by Dave Groves (Member # 4685) on April 02, 2015, 03:36 PM:
He advertises a vintage, rare film. But no title, no description of content, no year. And photos of this anonymous item will appear soon!!! Hope it's before I depart this present experience. The 16mm market seems bedevilled by silly prices and ill described items. Sadly, with no new product we are all being forced to fish in the same bucket. Fortunately some will come up with the goods but some won't. Hopefully, the dodgy advertisers will be left with their stuff unsold.
Posted by Andrew Woodcock (Member # 3260) on April 02, 2015, 04:43 PM:
I have to say, I could never be tempted by any film no matter what the title and what the price if it is advertised in this type of evasive, sketchy manner.I won't buy any feature without at least seeing some random screenshots from it. No guarantee I know, but at least it raises your odds greatly against probable disappointment otherwise.

Film can be so very different from one print to another, you really do have to be careful you are not simply buying a box of tomorrows landfill.

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