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200ft Chaplin - Only £69

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  • Terry Sills
    This seller regularly lists Cine/ film items at exorbitant prices. They prey on the unsuspecting and those with little or no knowledge of such items. Avoid them always.

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  • Maurice Leakey
    started a topic 200ft Chaplin - Only £69

    200ft Chaplin - Only £69

    Some eBay sellers do seem to think that as a film is 9.5mm it's worth a lot of money. Here is the 200ft version of Chaplins "Between Showers" priced at £69. This 1914 Keystone production was first issued by Pathescope in January 1936. I am sure all enthusiasts will have this in their collection and I can't think that the seller will be bowled over with requests to purchase.

    Pathescope nearly always shortened their releases. This 200ft M reel will run for around 8 minutes, what a pity it was not released as an SB title of 300ft in length, after all, the original only ran for 11 minutes.