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Does anyone have 'Across Europe with a Jack Hylton'

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  • Does anyone have 'Across Europe with a Jack Hylton'

    If you have the full film does it include 'Learn to dance the Rumba'? or is that a separate short.

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    Maurice Trace, in it's guide (everyone should have ), lists the following titles :

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      Thanks for that Dom. Perhaps it is from the film 'She shall have music' then?


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        Terry, this title doesn't appear.

        ​ Sorry for the second picture not being in the correct position.


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          Very strange. I used to have a copy of 'Across Europe ' and the start of the film began with' Learn to dance the Rumba' which was sort of comedy sketch with a very accomplished young lady trying to teach the dance to a man with two left feet. I assumed it was part of 'Across Europe' but apparently not. Has anyone knowledge of this short? It's not listed in the Pathescope catalogues.
          i didn't receive a second picture, but I assume it was a listing of the credits of 'She shall have music'.


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            Some collectors of musicals tend to chop their films to just include the musical numbers.
            I have found in Maurice Trace's guide the following:-

            Pathe Vox Review No. 3. T/9244. Issued June 1939
            Binnie Hale and Gordon Harker learn to dance the rumba - from the 1933 film "This Is The Life" (T/9126,4 reels. Issued April 1939)



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              The two pictures I posted yesterday are no longer displayed, I have no Idea why. Let's try again :

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                Thanks all
                Maurice Trace and Maurice Leakey have solved the mystery. Nothing to do with Across Europe. It was from A Pathe Vox Review No.3.