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Information required for Pathescope 200B

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  • Information required for Pathescope 200B

    Hello 9.5mm enthusiasts 😊
    I have just purchased a Pathescope 200B on eBay the purpose of which will be to transfer about a dozen 400' reels of 9.5mm film shot by my late father-in-law, some of which I believe to be pre-war, to digital. The purchased projector has no belts so I looked on ebay but the cost of aquiring all 3 belts will be more than I paid for the projector!! Is there another source - bearing in mind that once set up the films will be run only once to do the transfer to digital and the projector will then become redundant (I live in Cyprus and there is zero market for second-hand equipment like this here), so I don't want to spend a lot of dosh on a set of belts!! Does anyone have a 'spare' set they would be willing to part with for a nominal sum, or even loan them for a few months?
    Also, although I appreciate the projector is probably very simple, does anyone have a copy of the original instructions? I will be replacing the original bulb with a LED light source and I have read that the motor may be 110v, so that may have to be attended to as I wil need to run it at about 2fps on 230v for the digital transfer. Any information at this stage would be welcome as I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the projector to arrive here anyway.

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    You may find the following of interest:-



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      I have Pathe 200B and its manual. I will scan the manual and send it over. Give me a couple of days.

      The 200B is by modern safety standards, lethal. The lamp housing is lined with asbestos. The insulation will be in an awful state and the system is unearthed. Do you have the resistance box to go with it?
      The motor is 115 V. The resistance box drops 230 V to 115 V. It also provides for adjusting the lamp voltage and, more importantly, switching the lamp off until you have the motor running. A single frame stuck in the gate will melt and destroy itself within a second.
      I intend to replace the resistance box with an isolating transformer to drive the motor, and like you, put an LED source in for the light.
      I have some very precious family archive footage which I intended to digitise, but I have wimped out-I am paying a professional.

      Last edited by Robin Venables; December 22, 2020, 02:24 AM. Reason: Advice about using o-ring cord for belts applies only to the motor drive.


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        i don't know how much you paid for the 200b but it might be a better proposal to invest in a Specto 9.5 (the later grey model). They are much more user friendly and also have the infinitely variable speed control. They are quite popular and would be easier to sell after your transfer use. They are also easier to dismantle and work on for modifications to the lamp and no asbestos to worry about.
        Getting original belts for the 200b could be difficult and as you have already found - expensive, although you could make your own with nitrile belting.


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          Yes remove that Asbestos from inside the lamp house.

          Take the projector outside
          Remove lamp house top and lamp
          Goggles on, gloves on and a face mask
          Strip out the nasty stuff
          Clean inside with air duster standing well back
          Run the projector so the fan blows any internal debris out

          Job done. Did mine years ago.


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            I also removed the asbestos from mine. Before I attempted it I sprayed the asbestos with WD40 to prevent dust flying about while removing it. There are other liquid sealants that can be used for this purpose. Less dangerous that way.