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    Turn the clock back a few years and some will remember The Steve the Horse fan club.
    Regretfully many of our members have gone to stables in the sky and we miss our pals.

    A little bit of news is that we have been helping to preserve Steve on 9-5 as a new HD Blu Ray is going to happen this year and supporting this project has been a pleasure. It should if all things are equal also have printed material with it from the 30s

    I think it will be after summer with the covid thing but do keep an eye and it should be on sale at Harpenden 9-5 Get together in Oct 2021

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    I have "Steve Steps Out" on 16mm which I like.
    Recently, Talking Pictures TV ran "Steve's Cannon Crackers" which I thought was not very amusing.
    My 1939 Pathescope catalogue lists six Steve titles in 9.5mm sound and priced between £2 0s 0d and £2 10s 0d.
    Are all these six titles on the DVD, or are there any others?



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      The Steve Fordson advert is worth seeking on 16

      Will up my pictorial archive at some point showing the animators etc rather interesting. They used my DVD at a exhibition a few years ago which was nice remembering Roland and of course all his books and tobacco cards.
      You gotta love Steve!


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        Just been viewing the 9.5 sound film scans and very enjoyable to see Steve of course. The Blu-Ray will be available later this year so I will keep Steve the Horse fans updated.

        Come on Steve.
        Click image for larger version

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          I'd like to buy a copy of the Steve the Horse DVD/Blu Ray when it becomes available. I bought a "Steve the Horse" DVD from the late Grahame Newnham many moons ago, and loved it. Here's hoping the '21 Get-Together at Harpenden goes ahead!


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            I'm very hopeful Harpers will happen and know the committee are looking at making the magic happen. At present the venue is closed of course but it will open before long I am sure.
            The new Blu-Ray will be on sale at Harpenden also included on it will be a supporting 9.5 sound feature.
            Take care.


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              With the relaxing of uk lockup we managed to have a very small number at Steve's fan base left for an hour or so after many months. Nice to chat over 9.5 and study our Steve on screen.


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                Cant believe I missed this knowing 200 George Formby songs backwards here in beloved England.

                In the song 'Letting the new year in' George sings about COME ON STEVE! You learn something new every day.



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                  For members who have never seen "Steve The Horse", here is one which was downloaded from a 9.5mm copy by Grahame Newnham. I think he forgot to slide over the cover of the soundtrack!
                  I have this on 16mm.

                  9.5mm Pathescope sound film - T.9486 "STEVE STEPS OUT" GB 1936 - YouTube