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Telecine of mystery amateur film Part 1

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  • Telecine of mystery amateur film Part 1

    I bought a reel of 9.5mm film with around 400 feet on it from a seller who had no idea what was on it but thought it might be amateur footage. I don'r currently have a projector so I have to telecine the film to see it. With my homemade machine (if you can call having to hand advance each frame with a pin, a machine) I can do around 1 frame every 2 seconds so the content of the reel will be revealed very slowly! I thought people might like to see it, as it reveals itself, so here's Part 1. The next section has more people shots and some town shots, by the look of it. Coming soon. It's definitely amateur, and I suspect from the early 1950's but more will become clear soon hopefully. There's a flash in reverse, of a sign to Monmouth, and the ruined Abbey is Tintagel, I think

    The video:

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    It's Tintern Abbey ruins, near Monmouth. Nice video though, must have taken you a while at 1 frame every 2 seconds!


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      Thanks Leonard. A friend pointed out my mistake and I hoped nobody would notice here He enjoyed pointing out that it's The Wye Bridge too, and it's the wrong way round as well...


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        Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it very much and also your other videos from the reel. A very interesting and rewarding process, well done Iain