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  • Pathe Vox HID

    Well I'm back on the case having been distracted by Eumig Hìd orders.

    I set aside a nice mechanically perfect Vox sound projector to upgrade so have started building a 50 watt valve amplifier to keep it semi original and ultimately to include at xenpow 150 lamp. I checked out the cooling requirements also the ballast will fit in the base making it tidy.
    Sorted thru the lens collection and found a nice Bolex lens to suit the Vox which i can adapt.

    The Vox is really kind to vintage films so should make for a good end product.

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    I presume you will have to scrape some silver from bottom of HID lamp to line up with sound tube, interesting project Lee keep us informed . You are quite right , the Vox is a fabulous projector and handles precious film so well.