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Specto 500 "XC" Projector

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  • Specto 500 "XC" Projector

    Hello again!

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Specto 500 XC projector. I have the opportunity to pick one up locally but I want to be sure it has the 9.5mm and 16mm functionality. I checked Grahame Newnham's website but could only find a reference to an XD model. The one I'm looking at clearly has the XC marking under the serial number (image attached)

    The projectors cord is damaged and will need to be replaced, I'll also need a North American converter to plug it in probably here. Are bulbs readily available for these? I could only find one listing on ebay for a 115 volt 500 watt projection lamp although Grahame says the 500 model uses a 110 volt.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	specto.JPG Views:	0 Size:	100.3 KB ID:	33084

    UPDATE: I just answered my own question. Looks like this is only an 8mm version.
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    The Specto came out with many model numbers I have never been able to work out any generic differences related to the model number (XA, XC, XP etc.)

    The Specto 100 Projectors were the main ones that had interchangeable sprocket and gate sets, although the Specto Educational was also a dual capable Machine. (The gates actually clipped over each other).

    I have I manuals for both sorts but they are too large to post here. If you email me I can send them direct.

    Tip If you are buying in North America check the base for a 110 v setting as some were adapted in the factory for export.



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      Yes indeed, the XC is 8mm.

      Specto 500 Type XC 8 mm Cine Film Projector | eBay