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    Hi guys.
    I'm totally new to this, like my projector aint even arrived yet. But it's in the post. The seller actually recommended this forum.
    But I've started to get in some 9.5mm pathescope reels.
    Looks like I'm going to collect early cartoons to start.
    Could anyone give me any tips on storage of the reels. Any real do and don't etc.
    also wondering how long did Mickey appear on the cover of these?
    can't wait to get set up.

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    I hope you have fun with your films and projector when you get it. You say that you are a newbie so perhaps its fair to point out that 9.5mm is a niche 'antique' format in a niche hobby! Most would start with super 8 which is a more modern format with plenty of choice, whereas 9.5mm has only a small selection of projectors with many on Ebay being old and a lot not actually safe to use. However there are 9.5mm enthusiasts on here who have machines that are safe and mechanically sound and can help you with their knowledge, but it is a difficult format to start with I would have thought. I've been collecting films for 40 years in 3 gauges (used to be 4) and have never gone near the format. Even so good luck and keep the forum informed as you start enjoying the hobby!


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      Welcome to this forum and in the wonderful world of 9.5, John.Next year, the gauge will be 100 years old šŸ˜€ Which projector will you use ? It's always a good idea to clean the all the parts that will be in contact with the film (the sprockets, the gate...) with a cotton bud and alcohol. Cleaning your films is also highly recommended ; you'll need a rewinder (and of course cleaning product, like Filmguard). In case a film breaks (or is already broken when you get it), a splicer (and film cement) will be needed, too. Usually, people wait to have enough films to invest in accessories, so it depends on you and on your luck in finding good stuff at good price. And don't forget the Group 9.5 : GROUP 9.5 PAGE ( šŸ˜ƒ


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        The projector that I heave coming is a Specto 100 Type A Dual 9.5 / 16 mm Cine Film Projector. The seller has had it serviced and cleaned and is setting it up to play 9.5mm right away for me but informs it comes with compressive.instrictions on how to change it over.
        I had real.hassle trying trying to find a 9.5mm projector that wasn't listed with the words, 'for parts or had not been tested.
        as you say 9.5mm is a smaller market but its cheap enough so it's good to start.


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          Specto are good reliable machines, so you should be happy with this projector. Some models use a hard to find 30 volts lamp so that's probably something to check.

          Click image for larger version

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            Welcome to the world of film. Dom is correct about the lamps on the early Specto projectors, but Iā€™m pretty sure I have one should you need it. In the long term though it might be wise to convert it to a modern halogen lamp. You are certainly not alone in your interest in 9.5 film and there are many like minded members on this forum, and elsewhere. It is still my favourite film gauge and I have many films and equipment if you have a need. Good luck with your new hobby.


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              I think that Spectro from that Ebay shop is a good choice. I have often looked at that sellers line up of machines myself and if I was to have gone down the 9.5mm route, buying something from them is exactly what I would have done, where you can be sure it is safe to plug in and use!


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                I suggest you buy a copy of the Pathescope Film Catalogue.
                Here is a link to a 1952 copy which I recommend as this is about the year when most titles were still available.



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                  Maurice great minds think alike! I purchased one yesterday!


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                    John. you got here, Welcome.

                    You will find the projector, when it arrives, although fully tested and working, is actually a display model and looks unused, I hope it gives you many years of use, If you ever need replacement lamps let me know.



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                      I am sure you realise that the films which you show are only excerpts from the full length originals. They were really intended for young enthusiasts who could only afford films from their weekly pocket money.
                      Here is a link to articles on Specto projectors which I am sure will be of interest to you.

                      SPECTO - HISTORY (