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Magnetic striping.

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  • Magnetic striping.

    I'm trying to find out if there is enough demand to get one day for 9.5 the professional striping service Alberto (in Italy) is providing for 8/super 8 and 16 mm. I understand a minimum of 6.000 meters of 9.5 film striped is request the first year to justify the investment of the necessary piece for the striping machine. I wonder how many ninefivers in Anglo-saxon countries (I know it will be mainly the UK) would be interested in this project and what quantity of films they would be ready to send to Italy to have a soundtrack added.

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    For those of us who still think in terms of feet. 6000 meters works out at 19,685 feet. Quite an enormous amount in a year.


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      Its been a non starter for a good number of years Dom not enough footage coming forward but I would love to see it happen obviously one day.

      Sort of off topic. I'm converting one of my 8mm Stripers to 9-5 and can stripe 800ft lengths max which has been a project I've been meaning to do for some time. The only trouble is so few use Mag 9.5mm stripe for our great Alberto to make a significant tooling investment for small footage. I would hate to see a financial loss impact on all his great pro services we already have.

      When we did have 9-5 Mag striping I used to send in 400ft at a time.


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        Thank you Maurice and Lee for your answers. I should have put the equivalent in feet.
        I thought also at first sight that it was a big amount of film to reach but if you divide by just 10 people, you need about 600 m/2000ft. A striped copy of The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari has been projected at a Get Together a few years ago at Harpenden and I saw in France several silent films or cartoons striped, so adding a strip to a commercial copy is something people do. If you strip two 250 m/900 ft films on a year, that's already 500 m/1800 ft. If you add three or four 30m/100 ft, you reach 600 m/2000ft. Given that Alberto's striping is far cheaper than the traditional glued strip, it doesnt seem too irrealistic (600m/2000ft striping cost in 8/16 mm 60 €) to reach the goal but I was indeed hoping for more enthusiasm. Next days and weeks will tell if there is enough interest in a professional affordable striping service in 9.5. Spread the word


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          After having read this thread, Alberto sent me a message in which he asks me to insist of the fact that 6.000 m/20.000 ft is the total amount of film sent for striping request for one year. Lee could, for example, send 400 ft (or less) if the service was activated or there could be one hundred 60 m/200 ft sent by several people during the first year, as long as the total reaches 6.000 m/20.000 ft, that would be ok. I may not have explained it clearly enough in the preceeding messages. Hope, it's clear for everybody that it would be in 9.5 the same service as the one already existing for 8/super 8 and 16 mm.


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            Doesn't take much to confuse me after covid.
            I know when I've sent in 8mm striping to the great Alberto it would have cost the same for 1600ft as it would for 200ft total. I've always stuck to the 1600ft lengths which has worked well.

            Striping vintage 80 plus year old 9-5 would be interesting as the warping and severe age shrinkage affected my efforts here in the past. All those vintage cement joins and strained sprockets.

            I'm all for it and don't want to appear negative but we all know the pitfalls with beloved 9-5