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    My latest addition to my Baby collection. The items I've photographed here may not actually belong to the Pathé Baby but did come with mine. I don't have the pressed steel repairer, however, I did get a Notcher. Works in two ways. The side notch to pause a title or discriptive plate for the audience to read before moving on. I haven't seen this in action yet. The other function of the notcher is to place a centeral perforation long enough to halt the film completely by giving the claw nothing to grab. The purpose of this is to prevent the film from being completely removed from the cartridge at it's end.

    The Notcher is chromed, slightly corroded and stamed, Made in France.

    The plunger I've not researched. A bottle of small round pieces of clear material accompanied this "lot". They have little slots in them. Possibly repairs to damaged perforation.

    The last item is possibly an oiler. It has a spoon type applicator. It also had a rubber seal but my ultrasonic cleaner got rid of it! Has a bayonet style lid and resembles a bullet when closed.

    And a piece of film. 9.5. Curled and in need of flattering. Any ideas there would be great. The titles are Pathéscope Presents and A Pathéscope Film.

    One man's junk is another man's treasure.

    Click image for larger version

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    The item on the picture is indeed, a "burette", an oiler, as you guessed. The slots in the bottle were very useful to repair the perforations when tape was not available. Have a look at an oiler (wrongly called "huilier" in the ad, but that's a detail) that has obviousely been cleaned : Huillier (pathe baby) etait un petit projecteur de film des années 30/40 - Kit de nettoyage et entretien (3914415) (


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      Cheers for the info. Searching by the correct name does make things easier. I'm guessing the oil would be quite thick. I do like a bit of patina though as I don't like polishing.


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        The sprung plunger was used when the central metal piece in the 30 and 60 foot cassettes needed replacing - a curved section of metal which attached the film to the inner core of the cassette in other words.

        The oil used for the Baby was rather thin, like sewing machine oil. Ken Valentine has said that when he was working at Pathescope, the source for their "Special Oil" came from a car servicing garage around the North Circular Road!
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          Originally posted by Daniel Bottom View Post
          The "Special Oil" came from a car servicing garage around the North Circular Road!
          Nice one.

          Real easy to misinterpret a tools use. I was thinking the plunger was an over the top machine for repairing the perforations with those pieces in the bottle!

          Top info Daniel.


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            Yes Stuart the little glass bottle contains "repair patches" to repair damaged perforations. They were attached to the base side of the film with film cement. The "film joiner" should be used to hold it all in place. No tape joiners in those days! Ken Finch.


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              How's this for a bit of tape splicing. Sorry, it's not 9.5 or should I say, luckily, it's not 9.5.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20211207_173249.jpg
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ID:	48837 Needless to say, there is an area around this splice of damaged film.

              It's quite funny when you look at the tape used and the orientation.

              The more viewing windows in a reel to check a films condition the better. Luckily I could see the damage in the film and didn't run it through the gate.

              Again, it's only Super8.
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                What about this ?

                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                    How on earth did they think that this was going to pass through the gate of a projector?


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                      They probably wondered why the projector didn't work any more!!! I have known a few film librarians in my time who have had films returned damaged and re joined with staples, sellotape, sewing machine stitches, and various types of glue overlapping 3 or 4 frames.!!! It was also very difficult to obtain any compensation for the damage. Needless to say they were never allowed to hire any further films and were put on a "blacklist". Ken Finch


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                        Hello Everyone!
                        I am new to this forum. I have a Chinon 7000 sound projector and lots of old home movies. I purchased the projector and the camera in the mid 1970's.
                        I haven't touch either for about 40 years until a week ago when I decided I would like to have the film digitized. The projector bulb does not come on. I replaced the bulb with the exact same type (12V 100W). The pins match. Bulb still doesn't light. Any suggestions or tips? Is there a fuse somewhere, perhaps?


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                          Yes I've also had films in for transfer with joins hand sewn, super glue even staples GRRR