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***Forum Sales Rules - Please Read Before Posting***

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  • ***Forum Sales Rules - Please Read Before Posting***

    Forum Sales Rules

    To The Seller:
    • Prices must accompany all sales listings.
    • If a sale item is listed without a price, the entire topic will be deleted.
    • Sale items must be listed! Please do not post "PM me for a list..." The exception to this is providing a link that leads to a site that displays equipment and prices.
    • "Make me an offer", ".....or best offer" is not allowed. Choose your price.

    Details are appreciated! Here is what potential buyers would like to know:

    Type of film stock?
    Magnetic sound, Optical sound, Silent?
    Color fade?
    Scratches, lines?
    Number and size of reels?
    Original box?
    Method of payment?
    Worldwide shipping?

    Working condition?
    Cosmetic condition?
    Instruction book?
    Bulb included?
    Original box?
    Method of payment?
    Worldwide shipping?

    Screen shots are also greatly appreciated!

    At the sales’ end do not delete any information from the original post. The sale listings are useful for future reference.
    If your sale is successful, please add a reply stating that the item has been sold.

    To Potential Buyers:
    • Questions directly related to purchase (postage, further print details, etc.) are acceptable and encouraged.
    • Bargaining is not allowed. If you'd like to negotiate, please do so off-Forum.
    • Comments & criticisms about prices, the seller, the merits of the equipment itself, other sales and the weather are not allowed.