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Looking for Oliver trailer 16mm

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  • Looking for Oliver trailer 16mm

    Hi One I`ve been looking for, for ages. Even though a fair few about from Derann so looking for one of those.

    Not the right time to buy really here, but up to £50 for a really nice copy.

    Just got a Bee in my do da to get this one.

    Thanks Mark.

    PS I might need a print of Titanic 16mm trailer too for a cine contact. Though may be OK.

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    I have the Oliver Trl a nice one in my collection for a few years now and worth seeking out.
    My Titanic trl is on 9.5 mag sound just a little bit special.


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      Blimey Lee, where or how did you get a 9.5 Titanic !!!

      Got an Oliver 16mm in the pipline now thank you.

      Best Mark.


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        Hi, Mark,

        didnt you use to have "Oliver" trailer in 16mm. ?

        Blimey...£50 is a lot to pay/offer for a trailer. Yikes!

        Take care my friend - looks like all of us in the U.K.are in for a massive hike in gas and electricity charges for 2022.

        Hope you are managing O.K.



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          Hi Mark I did`nt pay quite that in the end, it is a very common Derann one but I have happily paid around that for scarce LPP ones on 16mm.

          Then do the feature on LCD.

          Thank you, you just reminded me I need to do an electricity meter read etc as my supplier went bang so being moved to one at almost twice the price per unit.

          So need to sort that all out today.

          Yes I had oliver, has most things I`ve either ended up needing to sell or given away.

          Struggling to sort out my 8mm bits at the moment, but I will end up back with one 16mm projector and and a few of these and one or two L+H`s on 16mm.

          Daft thing is I have a 2nd hand LCD projector makes cine look very silly and its only 720p but very good video wise but a really good 16mm trailer is one hell of a filmie hit.

          Though Its amazing what you can even just watch on Youtube nowadays !!!

          But bloomin film etc !!! its more the compulsion and the film friends contacts these days.

          Hope your well and things are good there.

          Best Mark.