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Wanted - Cheap 16mm home movies for New England preservation project

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  • Wanted - Cheap 16mm home movies for New England preservation project

    I've started a freezer archive of home movies that include 8 and 16mm films that will be archived on a 6K film scanner.

    My budget is $50 per film up to three films or $20 per film for up to ten. In return I can scan an unlimited amount of films and give digital full res copies to the original owners free of charge. I pay you to scan and not the other way around, saving history at the same time. I call it the #AdoptAFilm project that will begin in the year 2023.

    Looking for 16 that can really be blown up nicely. I really am only looking for films based in the United States. (farms, trains, cars, cookouts, honeymoons). Any year 1920s all the way up to the 1980s. Black and white, Kodachrome, VS, moldy, makes no difference to me.

    The only category we don't take in is television or theatrical films, and any films under 400' in length. (the longer the better). We also don't take in color film that is faded. We don't take in scratched film that is damaged, but torn sprockets or splices are okay.

    If you have anything in your collection you would like to donate to the cause to preserve history instead of reselling reply here or send a message. The time left to preserve acetate films from 1950s and before is running out.

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    Hello! I have a large collection of 16mm home movies with lots of good color, however, most of them are under 400' in length. Would you still be interested in them?