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Bell & Howell 316 16mm silent

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  • Bell & Howell 316 16mm silent

    does anybody know what this little gizmo is please, says 1 amp on its plastic sheaf, and is 10mm long, and was wired into one of the circuit wires. many thanks.

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    How was it wired?
    I assume it's a Model 613.


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      Yes it is Maurice. There were 2 of these little things, one fitted onto the brown wire at the terminal end, and one on the terminal end of a black wire. I don't know whether the picture is clear enough for you to see that the gizmo is like a miniature copper coil. I am sorry I cannot be more explicit, but my electrical knowledge is very basic. The gizmos broke away, presumably from age when I was investigating the wiring on the little terminal panel that holds all the wiring terminals. I can't get any reading from the little gizmo to determine what it is. I hasten to add that I do not probe around with the power on, the projector keeps shorting anyway. I can't find any fuse in the projector except the mains plug on, which is 3 amp..


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        Originally posted by Patrick Ryan View Post
        The projector keeps shorting anyway.
        Please explain your above comment.
        Also, be more explicit with details of how these two were actually connected. One end seems to have a soldered connection, the other end appears to have been bolted to something.


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          I believe they are little coil inductors, and they were actually in the wiring, rather like an in line fuse, and they were at the terminal end, hence the the soldered connection. I have enclosed a drawing of the terminal panel, where all the wiring congregates, and encircled the inductors?


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            Thank you, Patrick

            The 613 came out in the early 50s and is now around 70 years old. Projectors of this vintage usually had suppression attachments as they had motors with brushes which occasionally sparked. The sparking caused interference on radios and, some years later, televisions.

            The usual method was to use capacitors linked to earth but this Bell & Howell seems to have used inductors for frequency noise suppression.
            5258-RC Bourns Inc. | Inductors, Coils, Chokes | DigiKey
            I assume yours looks like the above link.

            It should work OK without the inductors.


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              Thanks Maurice thats spot on, the link shows the exact component. Many thanks