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  • Projector Repair Parts / Service Needed

    Hello Everyone,

    This is the first time I am posting in awhile, as I have been away from 8MM and 16MM collecting for awhile. Unfortunately, I've found that a lot of the projectors I've had in storage are no longer working either partially or at all. I have mostly Eiki and Elmo model's. On one Eiki SL-0L I found that the machine was not running in forward or reverse correctly. The projector would power on, but the gears would not turn. I took the back off to check the belt and found a spring on the lower right unattached. Upon closing the back, the projector will not power on in forward gear at all! I also found a thick strand of something which broke off in my fingers, purplish in color. I found this in another one of my Eiki projectors as well. It's about the circumference of the top of a screw.

    On another projector , and ENT-O 3592 - the projector has a tag indicating it is set for 240 Volts - 50 HZ - what would I need to do to use this in the US? I am really at a loss when attempting to maintain or repair these and could also use the assistance of a good repair person.

    I had purchased about 7 of these over a decade ago since I believed at the time that I wouldn't be able to find them in time. Some need minor maintenance, like replacement of melted rubber rollers on the Elmo's with the new Nylon rollers. I've found a great source for those. Also on the ELMO that needs the rollers, the plastic function lever to put the projector into Forward and Reverse cracked off. So I need a replacement for that.

    In addition to that, I have an APOLLO QL100 ~ Hokushin sc-210 I believe, on which the take up reel stops turning half way through.
    So as you can see, I have a lot to take care of.

    if anyone should have any suggestions on repair or a replacement lever for the ELMO please feel free to let me know. Also if anyone knows a good repair person I would appreciate it.

    I'll probably be posting and / or following this forum regularly from now on, so look forward to getting to know all of you!

    ~ Anthony

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    To use the ENT-0 3592 in the US you will need a separate transformer to increase your local voltage to 240.
    To change from 50Hz to 60Hz you need to slip over the motor drive belt. See Part 15D of the instructions. (Click below)



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      Those nylon rollers on the Elmo can be problematic, I bought a set and the sound wasnt as good, i replaced them for rubber and the sound was perfect again. The film needs the rubber to grip a certain amount too, also watch for scratching as I've heard others mention the odd line or two, Mark.


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        You can buy an Elmo 16-CL control knob from Van Eck in The Netherlands:-
        Van Eck Video Services Webwinkel (


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          Tony - this probably won't help you but I should say - as the owner of a 3592AX that I obtained from the USA to use in the UK - that at least the AX version of the 3592 was made as a dual voltage projector. So if you haven't checked, there would be no harm in looking under the lamphouse cover to make sure that you don't a voltage selector plug on the left that can simply be taken out and plugged into a 120v socket. If you were lucky and it did, that would explain why someone had considered it worth adding the tag indicating the voltage setting.