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B&H 500 series issue - part needed

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  • B&H 500 series issue - part needed

    Hello, Thank you for letting me join the forum.

    I have a B&H 545 which is a bit of an oddball model being 110/240V 50/60 Hz, instead of the silent / sound belt shift it has 50/60 Hz.

    it is in pretty nice condition and the worm only has one tiny crack at one edge. However I decided I would swap it out anyway.

    I had run some films and it had a fairly noticeable level of flicker, much worse than the old B&H 202 I have. examining the shutter it has lost part of the leading edge on one blade probably 1/4" or so, it looks like some one has dressed it with a file to tidy it up a bit . It is also odd in being a two bladed shutter but this could be correct as the service manual says 2 bladed shutter for export models. I guess more light output at the expense of flicker?

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement shutter or a donor machine? I realise that new parts are next to impossible but does anyone have one in their bits boxes? Any help gratefully received.

    Failing that all I can think of is making a new part blade and getting a very good company I know to laser weld it onto the damaged part, but that may be more than the machine is worth in cash terms.


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    [QUOTE=Neil Scully;n33775]...The worm only has one tiny crack at one edge. However I decided I would swap it out anyway..../QUOTE]

    Do you feel competent to replace the worm yourself? This is an auto-load model which requires even more setting up.
    I can recommend an engineer in Nottingham who could do such work and give the projector a good overhaul.

    KB Cine Repairs, Nottingham | Home Cinema - Yell


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      Thank you Maurice,

      I am pretty good with things like this I have been an Electro-mechanical technician for about 40 years, sadly this is now a dying art with the throwaway society we have. I make it my mission to rescue old equipment rather than buy new if I can.
      I will see what KB can do. I think it would be a better projector if I can get a three bladed shutter on it.


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        Kevin Brown has kept my projectors in tip top shape (including new worms) for over ten years. I can highly recommend his work. Give him a call, I am sure he will be able to help.