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Specto FS Motion Analyser wiring help

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  • Specto FS Motion Analyser wiring help

    I recently purchased this nice projector, but the variable speed and hand crank do not work.

    I have searched for a few weeks on details of the wiring and have not found much.

    Any suggestion or direction no matter how small would be appreciated.

    I can open the base:
    Right now I see 2 wires (one red & one black) that are loose and both seemed to possibly go to something.

    I think there is a missing resister or some device, but not sure what.

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    Can't help about speed control but I think the missing component is the capacitor which was used as a suppressor for sparking from the motor. In the early of television such motors often caused interference and a lot of the 1950s projectors had this capacitor which was fitted between the live and earth connections.

    Cinerdistan has a lot of Specto material which might be of help, it includes a pic on page 5 which clearly shows the missing capacitor. Click on third picture to see.

    Specto (

    You can also buy printed manuals from Oldtimer Cameras, both Instruction and Service. I thoroughly recommend this company whom I use quite regularly.

    Specto Motion Analyzer Printed Manual (
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      Brilliant. Thanks so much for the help.
      you don’t know where I might find a capacitor, do you?


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        With differing electrical equipment nowadays you shouldn't need a suppression capacitor.
        Your projector will run quite well without one.
        However, if you find you do need one the normal one to use is a 0.1mfd ceramic capacitor.
        Most electrical suppliers would stock one, you could try R.S. Components Ltd. (Once known as Radiospares).

        Capacitors | Industrial Tantalum & Ceramic | RS Components (