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  • My recent films have been a bit of a mixture.
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ID:	28631 Beautiful Chariots of Fire 1981, LPP



      • Bowery Boys / Spy Chasers

        After 10 days of giving 16mm another chance, pleased to report mission accomplished!

        Finally ran all of my prints - 9 of them - through the long play Towers on a pair of BH 2592 machines with the wormgear job previously done.

        Wow! What a difference! 👍


        • Well tonight, Laurel and Hardy, Do Detectives Think. 1927

          Silent silent Dupe but a very nice one.

          I was a bit disappointed when it landed sometime last year, as no track, but as everything is done a little extra it still works very well so now really love it.

          Some really good bits and fun, especially with a frightened Stan.

          As two very innept Detectives are hired to guard a judge who is under a vendetta.

          It also has the Hat Swap Gag, does anyone know if that was the first time they used it ? I think it might of been.

          All in all a very happy 20 odd mins on the Elmo CL.

          And what running real film was made for really with the Lads.

          Best Mark.


          • Once a year I have to screen the fairest of them all...
            Walt Disney’s SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS
            Since I watched it at the movies when I was 7 (it was my first movie ever) it’s my favorite Disney feature


            • Picnic (1955). My print is black and white. Great old classic with terrific music.

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              • Yesterday, the (rather violent) French film "Rue barbare" (can be translated by Barbaric Street), 1984. It's a good copy with good colours and it has Danish subtitles. The day before : "La balance" (can be translated by The Betrayer), 1982. This film comes from the same Danish source (I bought them in the '90s) and so is in good condition and has Danish subtitles.


                • A French 1970 film : Rider On The Rain (Le passager de la pluie) with Charles Bronson (and Marlène Jobert and Annie Cordy, famous in France and Belgium). The film has a French soundtrack but is an export version so it has the titles in English and English subtitles (there is a short dialogue in English as well, without French subtitles of course). My copy is red but the blue filter I used made a huge difference (it seldom works so well) and I did enjoy the projection.


                  • Laurel and Hardy Murder Case and trailers to Jack the Giant Killer and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

                    Sorry no way to do screen shots. Must get one.

                    Best Mark.


                    • Le jumeau (The Twin), a 1984 French comedy with Pierre Richard (the main actor in "The Tall Blonde Man With One Balck Shoe"). Lavish colours on my Danish copy (in French with a Danish subtitles).


                      • It was actually last morning : a French film titled "Pour cent briques, t'as plus rien" ("For One Million, You Don't Get Anything Anymore"). It's a 1982 comedy, again with a French soundtrack and Danish subtitles. I wished I had more films from that source since the colours are superbs. Although it's a film in French, I found some dialogues about money a little bit confusing some times as it was not always in "francs" (the curency, as everybody probably already knows) but sometimes in "brique" (which was a slang word for 10.000 francs) and sometimes in "old francs" (a new 1960 franc was 100 old francs, so until the avent of the euro, on French medias it was often talked of "centimes" or "old francs" together with the new francs. A "brique" could be 10.000 new francs or 1.000.000 old francs. Ir was obvious in the Danish subtitles that it has not been unclear only for me since the numbers written (the only thing I could understand !) were not always what was said. It was nice to see the actress Anémone who sadly died in 2019 at the age of 68.


                        • Remember I left the world of 16mm to embrace my other film gauges. Well, I've gone a purchased a small van load of ELF'S ELP!
                          Anyone in the UK needing spares I may have one or two

                          Sort of projected some 16mm doing a frame by frame inspection on the viewer and clean of a old new to me film TONS OF TROUBLE with beloved Mr Pastry. This must be the 8th print I have had in my lifetime.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Richard with his wife Yvonne who passed away just a short time ago. Met Richard a few times as I lived near him, but sadly not his dear wife.


                          • "The Russian's are Coming The Russians are Coming" (1966) ... Fading but with colored filters still looks good. This was the first movie playing at the San Francisco theater I worked at just out of high school.

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                            • Brian Keith was a fascinating actor


                              • A French cartoon from the serie "Au clair de la lune". Those cartoons were brodcasted on TV in the '70s. Great colours. Then a 1957 Belgavox news. As the name Belgavox suggests it, those newsreels were Belgian made. They may have been showned in France as well, as, in the comments, a number is said the French way and not the Belgian one. I'm lucky that the box has a detailed list of the different subjects.

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