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  • Son Of The Red Print Theater The Sequel

    Here's a film right down David Bakers alleyway and you red print lovers.

    Tigers Don't Cry 1977 (Target of an Assassin)

    starring Anthony Quinn and the Great John Phillip Law

    A South African film made in 1977 but was not in American general release until nine years later.

    The Film starts with an assignation attempt of a foreign President (Simon Sabela). the assassin John Phillip Law wounds him but does not kill. The President ends up in the hospital where he is taken care of by a Male Nurse Anthony Quinn.

    John Phillip Law fakes an injury just to get in the hospital to kill the president but is unsuccessful after many attempts.

    Quinn ends up kidnapping him and holding him for a ransom in an abandoned building. We find out Quinn is subject to occasional coughing and spasm.

    Quinn later steals a truck and manages to escape with the hostage, with the help of Molotov cocktails he is able to get the ransom money left in the fields before the police can close in. Later his daughter arrives and they with the President take a gondola up the mountain. The police arrive and manage to shut off the power. Our heroes have to jump from the gondola to the platform, which they successfully manage to achieve. But Quinn forgot to take the ransom money and cant get back to the Cable Car. they manage to convince the police his daughter is a hostage and to send Gondola back up. Which they do and obtain the money. after sending his daughter down. We see the Great John Phillip Law is waiting on the mountain with an sniper rifle trying to finish what he didn't complete, Killing of the President. He manages to shoot Quinn and bust the Gondola cable. The helicopter pushes our hero the Great John Phillip Law off the cliff to be pulverized. The Gondola hanging buy a thread of cable, Quinn and the President are rescued by the helicopter. the gondola falls and crashes. Quinn dies of complications of the gunshot wounds.

    I purchased this film off of Ebay from Grapevine Video for 14.00. It came on three cores and condition is heavily worn, few perf pulls at end and faded but its one of the red faced gems. Its very cheesy and you can see Quinn was doing it only for a paycheck. the Great John Phillip Law is only saving grace in this film as an assassin.