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Red Print Theater Christmas Edition Miracle On 34th Street

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  • Red Print Theater Christmas Edition Miracle On 34th Street

    You say to yourself, Wait a minute Miracle on 34th street was in Black and white 1947 and tv version 1959, also the color one in the theaters was 1994 version. How can it be faded? But there was another version in 1973 which was a tv movie. Its actually third attempt making this story.

    This was originally aired Dec 14,1973. When this aired on TV I was only a day old(probably in the incubation process).

    This movie does not compare to the classic 1947 version. Which is a staple and must watch for the holiday season. It's basically just a color rehash of the 1947 version with different actors. One difference Instead of a full blown court case with spectator as in the 1947 version this one is just a hearing with no spectators in court.I did hear that Robert Wagner and Natalie wood with daughter was supposed to star in this one but for some reason it fell through.

    I make it a habit to try to watch this every years during this time. It may not be the best version of the story but I look at it as a time capsule for 70s store life. It is nice to see NY city atmosphere during the 70s and how stores operated during that time. It does have some well known character actors we know and love. Leading the cast is Sabastian Cabot as Santa, David Hartman and June Alexander as Bill Schaffner and Karen Walker as the Roddy McDowell as Macy store shrink, Tom Bosley as the Judge, David Doyle as Mr. Macy,Jim Bacus in it as well as Shellhammer. This one is a treat for anyone who grew up 70s and 80s watching tv shows.

    I am glad to have this on 16mm film. The version is scarce since it never had an official home video release nor airs much for the holiday season. There are bootleg copies and YouTube stream but they are bad quality. I seen it on tv ten years back on some cable station and searched a long time and finally secured a copy who had it in there collection. The print I have is SP color and uncut with bumpers, color has hold up quite well, camera doesn't do color justice. so here are some screenshot to enjoy Merry Christmas

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    Lokks like an all star cast with Mr. Cunningham (Happy Days) and Mr. French (family affair)