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    Screened two night ago bought new from Derann many moons ago short film to commemorate Kodak film, excellent print .
    Click image for larger version

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    …and it looks more than excellent!


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      The perfect way to watch it!

      Graham - could you please remind me of what model that B&H is? Am I right that it was either the last new projector they manufactured, or very close to it?


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        Hi Adrian

        The ID plate on it states Model 1680GS made in USA. I bought it around 1996 second hand and its been my main 16mm projector ever since. I am not sure if this model was manufactured near the end, I guess it was. The last time I had a close look at the worm gear it still looked fine, in saying that I always rewind all my 8/16mm films on hand re-winders.

        One aspect I do like with Bell and Howell, is the "three claw" pull down, which makes the projector very forgiving on older films, I can't think of a time where I have lost a loop, I might have somewhere in the past, but can't remember when. I use a 40mm lens on it which works out just right for the size of screen 7.5 meters away.


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          Graham, 'Pieces of Silver' is an excellent compilation of American film in all it's diversity, but if you get the chance have a look at something similar produced to celebrate the Centenary of film in the U.K in 1994. 'Reflections' is a compilation of 100 years of British film. It's so skilfully executed to music that fits like a glove. Absolutely superb and the repeat value is very high!


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            Thanks Dave

            I bought Reflections UK from Derann on Super 8 when they released it. I totally agree its really superb, and as you say the repeat value is high