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Looking for Elmo 1200HD

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  • Looking for Elmo 1200HD

    Hi looking for a nice quiet little used Elmo ST1200HD please. or later D.

    I can also trade for it a lovely late Elmo 16mm AL, updated later version than the CL. Push button controls etc.

    Wonderful minty machine and had new rollers before I got it. Cover, reel, etc Will happily swap. Very Nice Machine. Lovely to look at too.

    or looking for a little used Bauer T600 or T520, collector price end of the market.

    Also after an elmo 1.1 or xenoaron lens.

    Take care.

    Many Thanks Mark.

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    Hi Still looking and asked Doug to add some pics of the Elmo AL to trade ( or sell to fund a machine for my middle son ).

    Thanks Mark.

    We would also go for a minty ST600 or ST180 for now.

    Hes going nuts for 8mm and only 20 !!!

    So keeping it through me, to try to help navigate through.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600 (5) DRM.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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      While tidying up the loft I came across a very nice ST600 in its original box. It must have been there for a bit, because I had completely forgotten about it. The machine looks almost new, but the belts had gone. I replaced the belts today and it is running beautifully. It only seems to be stuck on 24fps. When I change the switch to 18fps, there is no change. It can go for £75. Let me know if you are interested.

      - Rob


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        I think I found the issue. The speed was stuck at 18fps, rather than 24fps (which seems to be often the case with these machines). There are two wires coming out of the switch and they feed into a board next to where the speaker in the lid plugs into the projector. One of those wires seems to have come loose. I'll try to get out the soldering iron later this week and reconnect it. If that fixes it, this will be a very nice little machine.


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          Thanks Rob, its very much appreciated.

          I sent him some offline pics of them, hes really hoping as loved the look etc.

          This all takes me back !!!

          I wonder if hes one of the youngest ones in the hobby at 20.

          Must be the odd few below that too.

          I think there may still be a bit of serious Tut Tutting from his mum.

          Good job he lives in a shed/chalet in the garden.

          Anyway many Thanks. Mark.


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            I should point out that the AL is an auto-load model, whereas the CL is a slot loader.

            AL = Auto-load
            CL = Channel load



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              Hello, I have a Bauer T600 (£245) and an Elmo 1200HD (£295) for sale. Plus two Hokushins SC10 (£345) and an SC10M (£385) Prices negotiable.


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                Success! That fixed the problem. I ran a few films tonight and al seems well. I'll send you a PM Mark T.