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Sankyo or Yelco etc wanted

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  • Sankyo or Yelco etc wanted

    Hi Has anyone got a nice little not much used used Sankyo 501 or 702 etc sat in its box in a cupboard they want to sell please.

    Or Bell and howell dcm or DCR etc.

    My middle son is really wanting to get going with super 8, just small bits. 200 and 400`s etc.

    I was hoping to get him an Elmo 1200HD but to be honest something simple and kind to film would be better.

    Like a Sankyo, or maybe yelco 607 etc.

    Hoping there something nice can be dusted off and sold.

    Many Thanks Mark.

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    Hi Mark...You might get a better response if you add your location to your profile.


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      Mark lives in the north of England.


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        I do and its cold !!!

        Best Mark.


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          Watch out for the bride of Dracula Mark


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            Mark Todd If you add you location to your profile it will be available for lookup in all threads...not just this one.


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              Well we are not far from where Draccy !!! came ashore, sort of !!!


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                Hi Hes sorted thank you, he got a nice boxed Elmo ST160M.

                Thanks Mark.


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                  We shouldn't need to go into a profile to see a persons location. It is basic information that should be on display as it was in the 'old' version of the forum. Come on Brad/Doug - it can't be that difficult surely?


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                    There is a thread about location not showing on posts. I'm not sure how much progress has been made but it does seem to be getting worked on.
                    Of course a lot of profiles don't include it either.


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                      Yes Brian
                      it was me that started the thread. Just giving the moderators a friendly nudge


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                        Strangely enough Terry, it is complicated however I promise that we are working on this. Please continue posts about location in that particular topic. Let's get back to finding Mark a projector.



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                          Doug, I think Mark found a projector.


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                            Thank you! I missed that one.


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                              EEERRR well we had one for him, but it came and sadly my sons own first bought machine is a total clunker.

                              So much for lovely order and runner etc.

                              It has done a great deal of running and off in to the ground sadly.

                              Knocky cam, very very worn bugger your films plastics, balance sound head worn out.

                              Real issue with the top sproket shue, etc etc.

                              Other odd noise in the back too.

                              Its an absolute lemon sadly. I don`t think the seller who is a lovely chap knows anything about 8mm machines as does 16mm mainly.

                              I suppose its the way of cine. I woud`nt pay £10 for it, its just one of those !!! you quickly walk away from even though elmos keep thier looks.

                              Sad thing is Jordan insisted on paying for it and he only clears about £25 a week after his car fuel and insurance etc as a 300 mile week to his training.

                              I think his mum was right re bloomin cine, she did`nt want him to get in to it.

                              I offered him my minty Elmo AL 16mm but after some thought he has decided he will wait for a nice little used S8 machine as really wants to do the handy little bits on super 8.

                              Sad thing is an houir after he paid for it via transfer I was offered a nice Sankyo 702 serviced etc from a top drawer forum member, talk about sodds of cine !!! law.

                              So basically we are still looking for a really nice low use simple nice sweet machine for him, I`ll pay as hes lost enough.

                              Bl--dy cine etc.

                              But he is still really keen, I`m not so sure. As reminds me of my first 2 mega shaftings machines from a " NICE " old chap when I just got in to film !! he saw me coming from miles.

                              So anyone got a really nice little Yelco 607, sankyo 501 B+H DCR DCM etc.

                              We`d better start small machine wise as already lost over £60.

                              Sadly I actually gave away a really nice ST600 twin track with a slight issue, but lovely compared to this one, not long ago before the lads were more interested again, oh well.

                              So still looking please.

                              Thanks Mark.