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Large amount of super 8 and 16mm equipment for sale: Seeking advice.

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  • Large amount of super 8 and 16mm equipment for sale: Seeking advice.

    Hello all. In line with my eventual move I am once again trimming down my collection (but not film). I have 6 ELMO ST1200 OPT/MAG projectors. 2 ELF NT1 16mm projectors. A Hokushin SC10 16mm projector with just 61 hours use. 2 Canon 814 XLS Cameras, 2 Beaulieu 6008 Cameras and 3 Canon 814 Cameras. Plus loads of editor viewers (Elmo and goko motorised) And various makes of super 8 projectors, mostly working including Chinon DS300, Yelco, Eumig (inc 8 series dual gauge) Its a lot, now do I sell off individually, or sell as a lot? What are your thoughts? Thank you and stay safe.

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    Mark, we do not know your location. Are we talking UK , US, or somewhere else? Also, if you are not in too much hurry to get rid of the equipment, I would have thought selling them individually would be the best option. Certainly those Elmo optical/magnetic projectors would sell. The only thing is, if you are selling them all here you must state a price. Good luck.


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      Thanks Melvin, I know about adding prices. I just wanted to hear from others, sell in bulk, or individually sell. Not sure why my location isn't com ing up. Bristol, England. I'm going in at £350 per ST1200 ( all with original case plus new belts, and lubricated and running perfectly). And the same for the 16mm Elfs (all late models, with built in speakers etc etc. The cameras are all top spec, with eBay realised prices for the Canon 814 XLS in excess off £300 each. Selling the lot in one go , I would negotiate at £3500 to a dealer. Guess Ill sell it all individually.


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        My opinion is to sell separately.
        I can't see much interest in cameras these days with the price of raw film (providing the camera will even accept a modern film stock).
        A bulk sell would be more useful, but no way would you achieve what you are asking.



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          Make CERTAIN the required POWER RATING is acceptable to any and all buyers.

          240 volt isn't very easy to use in the USA!

          Either replace the transformer (fat chance)

          Add a step up device (not everyone knows)

          All is OK if device is multi voltage
          (pop open gear box carefully readjust transformer)


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            Mark you will sell the cameras OK. I purchased a boxed Canon 814 XLS at sunny Farnworth a couple of years ago for £50 something I rarely use for filming as I favour the Leicina Special but a nice thing to look at the Canon is and sell it you will.


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              You might not get the item to work even if the item can use a voltage convertor. Say like the Bauer T600. You can set the voltage for 110 US use but the motor will always be too fast.