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Moviestuff Retro-8 Pro (10/15 fps) and Retro-16 (2 fps) Units SOLD

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  • Moviestuff Retro-8 Pro (10/15 fps) and Retro-16 (2 fps) Units SOLD

    I have my personal Moviestuff Retro units for sale. Offering both units here before going to eBay for $3,000 plus shipping. I also have a fully-configured Windows 10 PC for sale with the RetroScan software (and required Bin) installed if interested separately.

    The Retro-8 Pro unit runs at either 10 fps or 15 fps, great for production captures.

    The Retro-16 unit is a 2 fps unit and is great for capturing family films at high quality (slower capture allows you to more quickly make lighting or color changes while capturing), but unless you have lots of time probably is not the best for high-volume capturing (does a great job, just takes longer).

    The Retro-8 Pro unit was refurbished by Moviestuff in June of 2020. The Retro-16 was acquired in 2019. Both units are fully functional and can utilize the RetroScan-HD software.

    I am in the process of documenting the operation of both capture units via videos and operational "manuals" which add my tips and notes to the original Moviestuff documentation. Video demos should be available the week of September 14th on YouTube. If you have requests for either specific pics or videos, let me know and I'll try to accommodate.

    The reason I am selling is that I have now captured all of my family films and do not need it any more.

    PM me if interested and I will send you the link(s).

    Tom Fales

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    Here are a couple of photos of the units. I'll have the YouTube video demo later this week and will post a link.


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      Here is the (amateur) video of operation of the two units that I promised:



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        Update: I plan to put these units up for sale on eBay the first part of October. A Retro-8 Pro unit by itself just sold for $2,375 this month.


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          Click image for larger version

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          Recent eBay selling results.


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            10-8-20 update: These units have been SOLD.