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Best online mkt. for selling projectors/telecine?

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  • Best online mkt. for selling projectors/telecine?


    I dabbled in projecting Super 8 mm film and then recording it with camcorder to digitize it.
    Problem is/was the underlying "Dad" films were poor focus/poor filming technique.
    Of course I know this Forum is a marketplace... my first assumption is, this not equip this group usually seeks.

    While I contemplate my next move with this film (which may include a trip to landfill) I have in order of value:

    1. Chinon Whisper Dual 8 projector (bought on Ebay I used 2-3 hrs max)
    2. Sony Telecine Adaptor VCR-4
    3. Kodak Instamatic M70 Projector (the original Dad machine)

    Both projectors work. Can't speak to bulb life left. Can't assure a buyer "cleaned and serviced"

    Assume some people are still trying to convert their family's film. Maybe that craze is winding down

    Where is the best retail markets to sell these? i.e. better focused on hobbyists
    Am not an EBay seller, assume Craig's List would be random hits and I can't stand the scam replies.
    "as is" isn't too reassuring to a buyer (I never like it when any later service may be needed - so problematic with old equip).

    Am in USA

    Thanks for any discussion!

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    Try selling them under "Equipment for sale" section here. List prices and a pic of each.