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FS: Elmo GS-1200 Xenon (non-operable) Free shipping from Japan

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  • FS: Elmo GS-1200 Xenon (non-operable) Free shipping from Japan

    GS-1200 Xenon
    $1000 USD with free surface shipping from Japan

    Please message me with your questions or if you want to see more pictures.

    No lens,accessories, or power cord included with projector.
    Original box included but it is in poor condition.
    Projector has some cosmetic damage on the very top of projector near the handle.
    Lamp struck immediately this week when tested. However a few months ago when I tested the projector, it took a few seconds for the lamp to light.
    I think the lamp will need to be replaced soon.

    Now for the problems with the projector...

    FWD- Sprockets rotating but no movement from rear spindle.
    REV- Rear spindle and sprockets rotates but no movement from front spindle.
    REW- Rear spindle rotates but front spindle doesnt.

    This projector is inoperable in its current . Its being sold for parts. I believe this projector could be repaired.
    I have not been able to play a film on the projector, so I have not tested the optical or magnetic sound on the projector.
    The projector is the Japan model that was made to be used on 100V mains. The projector has a 125 volt transformer.
    That means you should be able to use the projector in the USA with no additional equipment needed.

    Payment by Paypal. Buyer covers paypal fees.

    Free tracked surface shipping from Japan is included in price. Delivery time is two months for most countries. There is a chance I may not be able to ship to your country due to package weight restrictions or COVID.

    Projector will be double boxed. I have shipped plenty of projectors overseas and will pack the projector very well.

    Shipping by air may be available to your country at an additional cost.

    The declared value of the projector will not be declared lower than the selling price. The declared value when shipping overseas is also the maximum amount of money I can insure the package for. If the buyer is willing to take on the risk of under-insuring the projector, I will declare the value of the projector at whatever value you want. However, the seller would have to pay by Paypal friends and agree not to hold me responsible for any amount over the insured value.