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I need white boxes for 600', 800' and 1200' reels

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  • I need white boxes for 600', 800' and 1200' reels

    all help appreciated - Shorty

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    Shorty - Not sure who would supply them in the States, but Phil at CHC over here does do 600' white boxes. Appreciate there may be import duties etc.for you.

    In the interim, I have found new pizza boxes or post office mailers for multi vinyl Lp's are a good substitute for the larger reels until proper ones can be sourced.


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      Granted DIY box making is tedious and takes a lot more work than buying from a supplier... but finding a supplier for all sizes and in small quantities is challenging. I have used a free box-making template site to come up with a couple small sleeve type boxes I've needed.

      Click image for larger version

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        Great site Janice, thank you for posting it and best wishes for 2020


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          Thanks, Melvin and Janice - I will keep looking, or might be fortunate enough to locate a few Goldberg cans/reels to help - Melvin, please try for Wildwood - Cheers, Shorty


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            Shorty - No promises, but I have been speaking to my wife about this and we are talking about the possibility of Spring 2021. I will know more by Blackpool 2020 so would speak more in detail to you in person if you are attending.


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              Of course, and if you hear of the Blackpool dates, give a yell - Cheers