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Sankyo 800 need these 2 spare parts

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  • Sankyo 800 need these 2 spare parts

    Hello, I need these 2 spare parts for Sankyo 800,
    even those of the Sankyo 702 are fine.

    Thanks for your help. Click image for larger version

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    Hi Alesandro, I have 4 Sankyo projectors. 3 800 models now fully operational. One of them was was purchased as a back up, the Sankyo 762.
    for the North American market. I used it to get the 800's in fine form and to create modifications to run 1200' reels. The projector had other electrical issues so it became a parts machine. The detailed schematic you have provided in your post looks the same as my 762.
    If this works for you then the parts to you are nothing just return postage. It will be within the week I can provide these parts. Then mail them. Please let me know if you are interested.


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      Oh thanks Burton, yes I Need the Parts, let me know the Shipping to Switzerland, I pay you per Paypal as friend.
      best regards


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        PART #s 060 and 472 are indeed the same from the Sankyo 762. Only needed to remove the back cover and remove the motor mount to gain access to the the shaft to remove the shutter. Part 472 is a plastic nut that is fitted in the claw.
        This was removed by 2 Phillips screws and a spanner to remove the nuts on the vertical frame adjuster threaded shaft. My curiosity is what is the function of part# 472 that is attached to the claw? Is it some type of cam? I would really be interested to know what this small plastic part function is.