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Weberling sound striping supplies

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  • Weberling sound striping supplies

    Does anyone know where to get sound stripe and cement?

    I've got a Weberling machine that I used several times in the '90s, but never since then. I've still got some reels of sound stripe, but only one bottle of cement that isn't that hasn't dried up.

    Is the cement just ordinary film cement or is it something special? The stripe should be 0.8mm, but I can't seem to find that anywhere. I never tried the balance stripe, which I think is 0.4mm or 0.45mm, as I never had any, but just the single stripe works fine.

    Would it be at all possible to stripe unexposed film? There are reloadable silent cartridges, I know, and I'd have to come up with a reloadable sound cartridge, and I'd have to rig up some kind of sound cartridge, or would the stripe come off in development? I've still got load of new-old-stock Ektachrome, but I'd love to be able to shoot on fresh film. Done in a darkroom obviously, but that's no problem.

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    Both stripe & glue are available at

    I have not heard of anyone who stripes raw stock, but that doesn't mean it can't be done!


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      Wittner-Cinetec in Germany also sells Stripe .8mm, and Film Cement, they used to sell Stripe Cement you may have to ask.


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        Kodak used to stripe pre-processed film. So if done right it should not come off during precessing. I believe Wittner sells re-loadable cartridges but not sure. You need to check.


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          I thought Kodak used paste stripe, not laminate stuck on. I suspect it would depend on whether the film had an anti-halation layer on the back if so the film cement wouldn't be able to adhere properly as it wouldn't be applied to the base, with paste stripe that wouldn't matter..


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            The Kodak patent seems to suggest that the paste stripe was developed to be applied over the AH layer, an acid added to the paste effectively dissolved the AH layer and allowed the paste to reach the film base to fuse with it, this stripe would then survive processing and cleaning with the usual cleaning fluids (any solvent that could remove the stripe would attack the base as well).


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              Hi Dustin. I'm still striping after a few decades. I keep a stock of 100ml at £15 usually for film makers I know. Its fresh and works fine with 100D and kodachrome.