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ID:	33995 Greetings esteemed collectors!

    I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and watching plenty of great S8 films.

    I just wanted to post a couple feature and show titles I’d like to own if anyone is feeling generous.
    • THE FOG (1980)
    • THE HOBBIT (Rankin/Bass)
    • Scooby Doo Episodes
    • Charlie Brown Cartoons
    I am also looking to trade/sell a couple digests of The Omen 2 and Squirm. If you have any titles on my list, I’d prefer to trade first before selling.

    The Omen 2/Squirm: Trade/$85

  • #2
    Hi! I can not help you, but i saw "The Fog' on super 8 on a Belgian website, just wanted to share this with you!


    • #3
      I know that "The Hobbit" exists on 16mm, but I have never heard of it on super 8.


      • #4
        I was curious about that, Osi! Would be very interesting to see if it ever made it to the S8 format.


        • #5
          Just a Quick Bump! Still Selling and currently looking for THE FOG.


          • #6
            The only way it might have, is with optical sound super 8. BTW, I would love to find a Scooby Doo myself!


            • #7
              SQUIRM & THE OMEN 2 have been sold!

              Still actively looking for a feature of THE FOG.