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  • Compilation reel SOLD

    Large metal super 8 reel in plastic can. Reel contains:
    Davelyn sound logo followed by We have pleasure in announcing our future programme
    Trailers: Snow White (col), Thief of Bagdad (col), Casablanca & Yankee Doodle Dandy (both b/w), Adventures of Robin Hood (b/w)
    The King and I (col) Dive Bomber (b/w)
    British Movietone News (Final edition)
    Next Sunday
    Trailers: The day the earth stood still (b/w). Words and Music (faded col)
    All next week
    Trailer Gone with the wind
    Pearl Dean and Younger intro
    Kia Ora and adverts
    Coming Shortly
    Trailer Eyes of Hell. (a 3D film). col but in 2D
    It's coming ...Cinemascope. Demetrius and the Gladiators
    Pathe News
    Short. Chertwell. (faded colour)
    Bob inn the pound (Tommy Handley. (b/w)
    How to make brickettes (wartime propaganda). (b/w)>
    Lyons ice cream (b/w.
    Eldorado Ice Cream. (b/w)
    Fortune Chocolates. (b/w) I come. (amusing novelty b/w item)
    This is a recording. (Derann funny cartoon b/w)

    Film in excellent condition. All items complete. Most colour trailers are fine. Run it as an intro item before your feature
    £60 plus u.k. postage Runs 65 mins
    P.M if interested

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    Film on hold


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      Film sold