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  • NIZO 6080 Super 8 Battery Help


    I've bought a NIZO 6080 super 8 from ebay but having problems getting the camera to turn on, I've put the batteries in the following way below - Can anyone shed any light on if they're in wrong as there's no + or - help on the box - I'm getting worried it may be a faulty battery box

    batterys in boxClick image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    This site sells (or sold...) battery packs for Nizo Cameras. The picture shows how the batteries should be inserted, at least on one side.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi Lloyd,

      To me it looks like someone did some surgery on your cover compared to the one shown in the website Doug found. The contact at bottom right seems quite tilted from original: I wonder if it's still making contact, especially at the narrow end. The small contact at the upper left looks quite corroded too. There also seem to be some additional contacts in the middle of the cover. If that red wire is really going over to the bottom middle contact, it would be short-circuiting two batteries.

      A general rule of thumb is that the positive nub of a battery is pressed into a fixed contact, but the flat negative terminal is pushed upon by some springy...thingy!

      So starting from the upper left below (with "down" being into the picture)

      We should have:
      (+)down, (-) down, (+) down
      (-)down, (+) down, (-) down

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