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  • Bit projector Crazy

    Hi my two eldest sons are now tooled up.

    My middle son picked up a Fuji SH9 yesterday we bought in November !!! for my eldest son, its very nice but needs a new drive belt, hes looked in the back.

    He has also just bought an Elmo ST160 for himself coming this week with luck.

    Can I just ask please, does the SH9 need a take up belt as well please, I think it may, though its not here.

    Sounds like its very nice order.

    Best wishes and thanks Mark.

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    Had one of those many decades ago a good little machine. Be careful when fitting the new drive belt as it sits right next to the speed control circuit board in the back.

    The take up drive from memory is belt less all gears but I cant remember about the rewind side, probably chain. Nice to hear the boys having fun certainly takes you back a bit.

    Upgraded mine back then to the F1 lens making a massive difference over the standard lens.


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      Hi Lee thank you for the advice, especially RE the speed control area.

      Be handy if it is all gears, I can`t seem to find a 2 belt set so your hopefully there on that.

      It looks like new. Hopefully a 2 or 3, 50 foot kodak jobber.

      I`ve told them to keep off ebay films wise, as fraught with pitfalls.

      Not sure their mum is so chuffed but I think they will keep it low key as in to 4K etc as well.

      Best and thanks Mark.

      If anyone had an F1 lens be handy or one for a larger picture, though will be a home done job I think.


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        Here's some info from Van Eck:-



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          Thanks Maurice, some nice pics on there too.

          Best Mark.