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Chinon Sound 4100 Super 8 Pojector issue

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  • Chinon Sound 4100 Super 8 Pojector issue

    There seems to be an issue with my Chinon Sound 4100 Super 8 projector that is nagging me. The supply spindle and pulley as well as the pulley and metal shaft at the opposite side up the supply reel arm stop intermittently (very briefly) during rewind. It really varies as to how often this happens. I have shortened the metal belt, I have changed the belt to a tighter rubber one. I have stripped and re-lubed the shaft. When I take the projector back off and watch the rewind operation with a flashlight, the black plastic gear and long metal belt continue to run, but the pulley shaft coming from the rewind arm and the two-piece washer assembly that screws onto it stops just briefly, then continues, then stops again and continues. This varies of course. What in the world could be causing this?

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    Hi Norman... I have had a similar problem with other projectors of this type. Here is a video I made with some suggestions and a fix that worked for me. See if this helps.



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      My 4100 Chinon sound projector that I purchased from Vintage USA keep eating the film. Sent it back what projector would you recommend