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Eumig MarK S802 Inching Knob

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  • Eumig MarK S802 Inching Knob

    I have an Eumig Mark S802 Super-8 projector that I haven't used for about 20 years, but during this pandemic I decided to have a look at my old movies. I decided to clean the gate, and the manual said to make sure the inching knob was set to have the red dot at the top to avoid damaging the claw. I've cleaned the gate and reassembled it but now need to know where to set the inching wheel for normal operation. The manual doesn't say anything about that.

    So at what point in the 360 degree rotation should I set the inching knob?

    When I was using the projector before I decided to clean the gate the projector works OK for about 10 m minutes, but then the film started to "jump" or "chatter'. Was this because the inching wheel wasn't set at the correct point?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Hello Brian, as the manual suggests it, putting the rear button with the red dod up removes the claw, which is useful to clean the gate or to change it on bi-gauges models. The button will turn anyway when the projector is in use (which is logical, othrwise the claw would not transport the film). Your problem has another source. Did you check the film (a damaged perforation often cause film jumping) ?


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      As Dominique has mentioned... the jumping could be the film itself. I have some films where the sprocket holes have shrunken (sometimes not noticeable by looking)...but they will jitter in the projector because the claw doesn't lineup correctly. Try other reels to see if the jitter is just on some reels.


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        Sometimes I find cleaning/lubricating film can stop this in some projectors. That is a film that projected in OK one projector was unsteady and lost loops in another until lubricated.


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          Hi Brian, Further to the information you have already been given, it would appear that you have a damaged sprocket hole or a bad join. and the bottom loop has been lost. Pressing the loop restorer should prevent further damage to the film. If you model is similar to my 810D or Bolex SP8E This is the lever which you have to keep pressed down until the leader of the film reaches the take up spool. Hope this helps. Ken Finch.