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Kodak Ektasound 245, newbie questions

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  • Kodak Ektasound 245, newbie questions

    Newbie here.

    I recently acquired some Super 8 films. And started going down the path to find a projector.

    I found a Ektasound 245 that looked to be clean looking from a visual look. But something is not working right. I think the take up reel is either slipping and not pulling the film well through the gate (I think that is the right term). But not positive.

    I’ve searched around online without much look if there is a service/repair manual for this model. Does anyone happen to have access to one?

    So far what I have done is take the back off. The large belt that goes around most of the back looks good and tight.

    On the front the take up spindle/post does seem loose. I tried to tighten it. But didn’t seem to make much different. I’m not positive how to take the post apart fully to tell. The disburse/rewind side seems much tighter in a good way.

    Anyway, any pointers I’m willing to hear.

    I do know this Projector may “look” cooler than it really is. In that case, if anyone has recommendation of Super 8 projectors with sound that you would recommend I am open to them as well.

    I do have a Bell and Howell projector as well with no sound. But the bulb is out. Every thing else on it seems to work fine.

    Thank you,

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    I would think just about any sound projector ever made would be a better choice than an Ektasound model. The machine is full of brittle plastics, not to mention that everything must be working perfectly since it is a sprocketless design. The sound amplifier is pathetic sounding at best! The lamps are very expensive to replace now. The cam follower is plastic and the rubber tip usually disintegrates quickly making the machine very, very noisy. Basically it was a cheap plastic design that could have never survived heavy use even when new. Choose something else like a Eumig 700 or 800 series machine would be my advice.


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      The second-hand market for Super 8 projectors is a mine-field. Regrettably many sellers have no knowledge of what they are selling, some projectors use obsolete lamps, some are not working correctly. Spares for most makes are not now available.

      Eumig are well made but can often have a problem with their unique drive system.

      I prefer the Elmo models, as most collectors do. Here is one on US eBay which fits the bill very nicely.

      I can recommend this model. I have one of these.



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        Joseph, thank you.

        Maurice, thank you as well. I appreciate the link.I may certainly go that route. That one certainly looks nice and well cared mom I for.

        Going to keep my eyes open for local options for a bit longer. See if I can save myself a little from the shipping costs.

        Thank you both again!


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          You're more than welcome. Good machines are available if you are patient. But don't lock yourself into just Super 8 since there is a lot of great stuff on standard 8mm too. It's always nice to have both options if you think you might seriously enjoy this hobby. There were several models that could do both formats with sound. In that case I would definately reccomend a Eumig machine as many other dual machines do not keep the sound synced when projecting regular 8mm films....something to consider if you may wish to go down that path in the future.


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            Hi Jeremy what you have is a collectors display item. Follow Maurice advice either Elmo Or Eumig. If you want to show std 8 and super 8 it will be Eumig. 807d 810d etc


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              A word of advice regarding the dual gauge Eumigs. Regrettably, the conversion parts are often missing making them not a dual gauge projector. It's best to buy from a real collector, not from a person who may not be aware of missing parts. The earlier models had full storage space for the spare parts, such as the two sprockets and the standard 8/super 8 spool adapter which both lived in the side cover. Also, the two-piece gate assembly lived in a slot above the lamp.

              I have many Eumigs, including the excellent black 824. But this is the model which often has missing parts. This is because Eumig issued a small plate with pockets for the spare pieces, it had an adhesive backing for which Eumig suggested that the owner could stick it somewhere on the projector's body. Regrettably few did this which had led after many years for this item to mysteriously disappear.




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                Lee and Maurice, thank you both for your input.

                Today I picked up 4 extra Ektasound units for free from another gentleman in the group, Gregory. My hope at least for now is with my unit, and the 4 others I just obtained is to get at least one, hopefully 2, running.

                I do want to pick up an Elmo or Eumig eventually. So working on these units will take up a little of my time I’m sure. But that will help me pass the time as I save up some funds for one of the more popular and stable working projectors.

                Thanks again,


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                  It would be wonderful to get a fully working machine. The original advertising had it sat on a book case looking very convenient. Hope the plan works out.

                  Eumig primarily dropped the sprocket and gate storage in the lampjouse on Sonomatic machine where space was required for the progromatic machinery and buttons. Shame as up to then Eumig projectors were one self contained dual gauge projector.