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Again the Elmo GS 1200 projector

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  • Again the Elmo GS 1200 projector

    my elmo gs 1200 projector works well except for the take-up reel. It turns slowly, sometimes it stops and starts again.
    I feel this problem is with the item in the photo attached

    Does anyone have an idea?
    thank you so much
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    Occasionally the gear at the bottom of the take up arm splits. Take a look at this thread.



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      Was that the machine from Bob?


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        Quite possibly its the small relay on the main circuit board. It controls the voltage to the rear take up motor.


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          Here is the section in the service manual that covers the rear take-up arm - hopefully it can give you additional options to look at:

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Thank you for your answers! Everything you wrote has been checked and there is no problem there!
            But I wonder what the small potentiometer N ° 3 is used for in the attached photo. When I touch the trasistor cooler it burns my fingers
            thank you so much
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              Hello Antoine,

              I have just sent you an Email.

              Transistor(s) Overheat = Too Much Amp throughout circuit
              (If you can not stand heat with your fingers , that means T° is closed to 60°C)

              I suggest you to :
              - Check Motors / Mecanisms spins freely
              - Check Brushes and collectors for cleanliness and condition (worn ?)
              - Check Brushes size : If too short, worn out , replace them

              Bon Courage
              Tenez moi au courant
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                I had this problem a few times and once it was the board with the pots on it. Here is the thread it may help you.


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                  Hello Alan,

                  Thanks for this very valuable information.

                  I have just passed an order for 2SC1815 transistors (just in case of.....) , they are cheap....

                  Did you noticed a power transistors overheat on this board too (impossible to keep fingers on aluminium heat sinks) ?

                  Complementary "Fault" information :

                  Antoine's machine shows an intermitent fault, sometime take-up motor runs, sometime not ........


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                    I never checked for heat since I got shocked from a TV that I never discharged the caps to-threw me across the room! So I waited a good few hours till I started poking around in the GS..


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                      One option is to do this, I did years ago and have had no problems since.


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                        Thank you very much for all your advice.
                        But it's too complicated for me considering my age and my ignorance in electronics.
                        I have two broken GS1200s but I have ST1200s which work very well and which are more mechanical than electronic.
                        My best regards to all