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Super 8 An Illustrated History new book 2020

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  • Super 8 An Illustrated History new book 2020

    I was listening to a radio show last week a guy rang up said he had a 8mm projector whats it worth nothing the young people not interested in it then other guy rang up he had a 8mm wind up camera how much $200.00 dollars when I tell people I collect Super 8 Movies they say that old thing then I Correct them have you ever seen Star Wars on Super 8 they get excited the some I have run film processing coarse we film it process it watch it on the same day when the film comes out of the tank b&w they see the images they get excited.Now the new book very good coffee table book with chapters on the history of Super 8 Kodak made a Super 8 process machine in the 1970s 12 thousand dollars with interviews with film people over 200 pages lets bring back the memories of Super 8 and at the moment the Cinemas have been closed here since March but I watch Super 8 on a 10 feet screen keep Super 8 flag flying so Super 8 will never be dead

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    Thank you for posting about this. Here is a link to the author's website. The book is available with prices ranging from $26 - $40. Rodney Bourke also had an earlier post about this.