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Elmo Editor SE Dual 8mm - Does anyone know how to adjust framing with this model?

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  • Elmo Editor SE Dual 8mm - Does anyone know how to adjust framing with this model?

    Hello All,

    Happy to be a new member of the forum as I have many hours of family 8mm and S8mm that I'm beginning to curate.

    I purchased an Elmo SE Dual 8mm Editor on Ebay. It's almost perfect, except the framing is off! I have been trying to figure out if the framing can be adjusted. There does not appear to be a control for this. I reached out to Elmo for a manual, and they do not have a copy archived.

    Is anyone familiar with this editor? Can anyone advise on how to adjust the framing (currently splitting the image right in half...) Here's a YouTube video I found online that is merely eyecandy with no information, and I'm also attaching an image:

    Best wishes to you all in your 8mm endeavors! Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    I have a similar (but different) editor that has a framing knob in the gate assembly. Yours has a slotted screw in the same spot: right above the focus wheel.

    Maybe the thing to do is put a film in with the lamp lit, gently turn that screw a quarter turn and see if the framing adjusts. If it doesn't, tighten it back down and we'll look for something else.

    (Mine is also pretty cleverly hidden: my framing was off for quite a while too!)
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      Hi Duncan...The screw Steve mensioned is for changing from Super 8mm to Std. 8mm. This won't adjust the framing. Viewers like this that don't have a framing adjustment lever are a bit trickier. I hope I can explain it...but try after the film is threaded onto the takeup reel...hold the supply reel from turning and then turn the takeup reel. It will pull the framing alignment up or down. This might take a little practice...but see if the frame moves.

      BTW... The "eye-candy" video was mine. It was made just to sell the viewer on Ebay...not as an operational presentation. The video did it's job and the viewer sold


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        Hi Janice,

        I'm thinking Moviedeck here: where the change from R8 to S8 is a lever changing to a different masking around the frame, and with the same lever also fine tuning the mask placement for framing.


        PS: ST-800 #2 was playing a "King and I" digest tonight and within the course of one reel gradually sped up to easily 30 FPS. Even Yul Brynner sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Stupid Switch Oxides!)

        -All is well.


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          Steve, turning the film type selector does do some masking...but sometimes you still have to tweak centering the film frame.


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            Hi Steve and Janice,

            Thanks for your input and suggestions. Janice, amazing that I found you here, the creator of the YouTube video! Thanks for posting it, glad you were able to make the sale with it. I'm glad to be chatting with you since you know the model. I tried your suggestion of holding the feed reel in place and winding the takeup. Perhaps I'm not following your instructions properly, but I see absolutely no "play" in the frame line. All I seem to be doing is cinching up the film by tightening it on the feed reel.

            I'm attaching two more pics. One that shows the frameline - dead in the middle of the viewer screen. The other is how I have the Elmo threaded, in case that's the issue here.

            I'm not sure what to try next, presuming I'm following Janice's instructions correctly. Thanks again to both of you. Yul Brynner as Alvin Chipmunk! I'd pay to see and hear that.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	frame line elmo.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	threading elmo.jpg
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              With one hand hold the sprocket wheel to stop it from turning

              with the other hand turn the slotted shaft that goes into the sprocket wheel

              and that boys and girls is how frame line adjustment is done on this kind of editor

              the slotted adjustment above the focus knob is normally to switch between film gauges s8 / r8


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                Something that's sticking with me here is one of the differences between Super-8 and Regular-8 is S8 has the frame line-mid frame and R8 has it on the frame line.

                What happens if you take the S8/R8 selector and switch it from whatever it is to whatever it's not?


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                  Chip explained it much better than me. Time has clouded my memory. It's the sprocket wheel you hold while turning the take up reel.
                  Steve ... Changing the super 8 to standard 8 knob will change the masking size of the frame but not the up and down positioning.


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                    Thanks to all of you!!! What Chip clarified from Janice's suggestion did the trick. I was wondering the point of the slot in the plastic cap that covers the sprocket knob when all it seemed to do was turn the sprocket wheel. Freezing the sprocket in place with one hand, and then turning the slot with the other with a coin performed the miracle.

                    I'm sure that the manual would cover this... if only there was a manual online! Not even Elmo Support can find a copy.

                    Thanks again Chip, Janice, Steve! I do have one additional question regarding the bulb which is not the brightest. For this model is it a pretty standard bulb to change out? I'd like to get a brighter bulb if possible. Tough on the eyes!

                    Happy Sunday! Let's Roll.




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                      Duncan, glad you got the framing adjusted. As far as the bulb you can reposition it within the socket closer or far away from you. This will increase or decrease the light going into the frame area. If this doesn't work you may need a new bulb.


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                        I’ve seen these bulbs darken a lot (glass turns gray) rather than just blow. When you replace the bulb the difference is unbelievable!

                        Have you looked at the bulb?


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                          Steve, so I just now pulled out the bulb and gave it a full inspection. Looks bright and clean, so I followed Janice's advisement and re-seated it further out towards the front of the housing. Amazing. Nice and bright now. Suddenly I have a fully functioning, dual 8mm viewer! Fantastic, thanks Everyone! The Saga Continues.



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                            To adjust framing do it as I have said!

                            Hold the sprocket and shaft using your fingers!

                            Turning the cranks or take up reel is much too force: film sprockets can be torn!


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                              Thanks Chip! Live and learn. However, no sprockets were harmed in the making of this adjustment. Yes, the take up reel was a non-starter, felt wrong out of the gate. So to speak. I effectively did what you said, only with a coin in the sprocket roller cap slot, rather than with fingers.