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  • Vitafilm issues

    I've used a number of film cleaning agents over the past 10 years with varying degrees of success. Although I have used Vitafilm for general cleaning (just like Edwal anti-static cleaner) with okay results. However, recently I decided to try the Vitafilm deep cleaning "submerge" method (soaking the film for 24 hours, then draining for 30-60 seconds and putting in a closed film can for 90 days). The result was a DISASTER. A whitish film residue was left on the emulsion side of the film that is almost impossible to clean off.

    I'm going to resoak the films overnight and then try to clean them again. Beware ! ! !

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    Hello Tom and a warm welcome.

    I wouldn't soak film emulsion in any agent for a long time. Every now and again over the decades of film use I've soaked 8mm in warm water overnight to make the emulsion swell a little to reduce scratch visibility.

    A combination of this with precious footage, drying on the washing line and a final aplication of Film Guard these days is the ideal for me at least.
    For day to day use one aplication of Film Guard is enough.

    Never used Vita myself but rather than use a chemical to remove you may be better to warm wash it off? Try a short length first in warm water and a couple of drops washing up liquid.
    Good luck.


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      How much water? I only ask as, in the past, I had water damage in which, when I used a cloth, the whole bloody emulsion side was cleaned off. My situation might have been very different, however.


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        Originally posted by Tom Fales View Post
        A whitish film residue was left on the emulsion side of the film
        The whitish powder is the dried part of the mineral content contained in water. You could try removing it by applying isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth.



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          Thanks, Maurice - the isopropyl alcohol seems to be working. I can't believe the Vitafilm folks don't post a warning. I followed their instructions to the letter and now I've got to re-clean them.


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            Osi, I once tried water, too and it was a disaster as well.


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              The same to one of my films.